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Moving and Surplus Transition

Moving and Surplus is currently under transition. We are working towards completing the transtion by July, 2022. Surplus and ewaste functions will be transtioning to SBS - Distribution Services management, while Moving Services will remain with Facility Services. We appreciate your patience as we complete the process. If you have any questions pertaining to Surplus and ewaste operations at Cal Poly, please contact Scott Coffman at If you have questions pertaining to Cal Poly Moving Services, please contact the Facility Services Work Center.

Surplus Property

The Facilities Services Moving Crew is currently still responsible for removing surplus property (items no longer needed or wanted by departments) on campus, upon request.

State Property that is no longer needed or wanted on campus (surplus) must first be surveyed by the Property Accounting Office. Departments can complete a Request to Survey Form and submit it to the Property Office to begin the process. Once approved, a red tag will be generated and delivered to the requesting party. After the red tag has been affixed to the item, the Moving Crew can be contacted by filling out a Surplus Pickup Form and emailing it to Include the item's location and it will be scheduled for removal.

For more information on the surveying procedure please contact the Property Accounting Office at 805-756-2570 or visit their website, and forms.

Other miscellaneous items not tagged as state property can be scheduled for a pickup by completing a Surplus Pickup Form and emailing it to Questions? Call the Facilities Help Center at 805-756-5555. Surplus pickups are a recharge service so don’t forget to include a chartfield string.

Need information on disposal of hazardous waste including e-waste such as computer equipment? Environmental Health and Safety has information and guidelines that can help.

Public Surplus

Campus surplus items (items no longer wanted by departments) are listed on an auction site at To view items on auction from Cal Poly, click here.

Cal Poly employees are welcome to bid on items for personal use through posted public surplus auctions. Use of scheduled work hours to make bids, inquire about items on auction, and/or pickup items is prohibited. Please use your break time, lunch time, or personal time to participate in the surplus bid process.

Please read the Terms and Condition on the auction site for time frames and payment instructions.

After payment, auction winners may pick up their items at the Surplus Warehouse by appointment, Tuesday through Friday. Please email to schedule your pick up.

Items that have been placed on the auction site can generate income for the originating departments only if the auction item sells for over $500.00. Items that sell for less than $500.00 do not.

Surplus Coordinator

Cal Poly Surplus Hours:

Currently by appointment only