Cal Poly Surplus

Cal Poly Surplus is the reuse, resale, and recycle point for all items owned by Cal Poly State University. New items are received daily and our inventory is constantly changing.

Hours of Operation

Day Hours
Monday through Friday By appointment only. See below for details.
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Subject to unexpected closure. Unexpected closure dates are reflected on appointment calendar.

University Surplus has moved locations. We are now located at the back side of bldg. 80. Click here for a map to bldg. 80.

Please note that Surplus is experiencing a high volume of requests and has limited space. Pickup requests will be fulfilled on an as-received basis and may take some time to complete.

Schedule Pickups and Visitations

Campus Pickups

Schedule pickups for items to be moved from campus departments to Cal Poly Surplus. See below for more information, including property tag restrictions.

Sales Pickups

Schedule pickups for items purchased from Cal Poly Surplus. See below for more information on Public Surplus sales of Cal Poly items.


Interested in perusing what we have in stock? Schedule an appointment to visit us and we can make sure we are here to help.

Campus Pickups

Sales Pickups


Non-Surplus Move Requests

Move requests not related to surplus, esurplus, or ewaste are managed by Facility Services. Please visit the Facilities Help Center to schedule move requests.

Cal Poly Surplus and eSurplus Guidelines

Campus Pickups

Pickup of surplus and esurplus items can be requested by filling out a Campus Pickup Request. Surplus pickups are a recharge service so don’t forget to include a chartfield string. Due to staff constraints, Surplus is unable to schedule pickups at specific times. Once a pickup request is initiated, your items may be picked up at any time forthwith, without prior notice. Departments are also welcome to drop off items at Cal Poly Surplus during our scheduled hours of operation. Please make sure to read below regarding items that can be accepted at Cal Poly Surplus before visiting us or scheduling a pickup.

Please make sure all items for Surplus pickup are clearly marked for Surplus and kept separate from any items not to be removed. Colored tabs or post-its are acceptable means of marking items for Surplus pickup. Pickups can occur at any time and without prior notice once a campus pickup request is initiated.

State Property Tags

State property that is no longer needed or wanted (surplus) must first be surveyed by the Property Accounting office. Departments can complete a Request To Survey Form and submit it to the Property Office to begin the process. Once approved by the Property Accounting Office, either drop off your items at University Surplus or fill out a Campus Pickup Request and we will arrange for pickup of your items. Please include your PSR# from the survey on your surplus pickup request.

For more information on the surveying procedure, please contact the Property Accounting office.

Pickup requests or attempts to drop off of state property tagged items without having first gone through the property survey review will be refused.

eWaste Guidelines

For information on disposal of hazardous waste, visit Environmental Health and Safety for helpful tips and guidelines

Campus Reallocation

Items that have been released to Cal Poly Surplus are available for campus reuse. Please email to see if we are currently in possession of an item you are looking for. You can also view items that we typically have in stock on our Pre-Public Surplus Items site.

Requestors are required to fill out a Campus Reallocation form at time of removal of requested items from Cal Poly Surplus indicating that the items listed are specifically for campus reuse and not for personal use or possession.

Items already listed on the Public Surplus sales website will not be removed from the auction site for campus reallocation in the last 24 hours of any specific auction. We ask that campus reallocation requests for items already listed on the public auction sales site occur prior to any private bids being placed on the item.

Public Surplus Sales

Campus surplus items (items no longer wanted by departments) are listed on Public Surplus. To view items on auction from Cal Poly, click here.

Cal Poly employees are welcome to bid on items for personal use through posted public surplus auctions. Use of scheduled work hours to make bids, inquire about items on auction, and/or pickup items is prohibited. Please use your break time, lunch time, or personal time to participate in the surplus bid process.

Please read the Terms and Condition on the auction site for time frames and payment instructions.

After payment, auction winners may pick up their items at the Surplus Warehouse by appointment, Tuesday through Friday. Please fill out a Sales Pickup Request to schedule your pick up.

Items that have been placed on the auction site can generate income for the originating departments only if the auction item sells for over $500.00. Items that sell for less than $500.00 do not.

Surplus Coordinator

Cal Poly Surplus Hours:

Currently by appointment only