Cal Poly Storage's mission is to provide convenient, efficient storage space for the ever growing Cal Poly community. Whether it's short term storage during renovations or long term storage to keep the office or work space looking tidy, CP Storage has you covered.

"What can I store?"

CP Storage will house dry, non-perishable, non-combustable goods such as:

  • Office furniture/supplies
  • Lab Equipment/materials
  • Electronics
  • Event equipment/supplies

Storage Rates

Size Rate
Half Bay (48"x40") $15
Full Bay (90"x44") $30
Oversized (too large/heavy for racking) $1.25 per square foot

How to get started

If you have any questions or are ready to get started send your email to Distribution Service at

Click here to view a sample of our SLA (Service Level Agreement)

Cal Poly Storage is for official Cal Poly business only.

Click here for Student Resident Summer Storage.