Outgoing mail from campus departments

Outgoing mail from campus departments is picked up every weekday afternoon, processed, and delivered to the United States Postal Services on the same day. Postage and post-dating are applied by an independent mailing service, not Distribution Services. To guarantee same day postmarking, mail must be placed in the outgoing red mailbag by 12:00 pm. Please read the tips provided below to ensure correct processing of your departmental mail.

Tips To Ensure Proper Processing Of Outgoing USPS Mail

  • All mail must have a return address in the upper left hand corner that contains a department name. The department name contained in the return address will be used to determine which department will be charged for the postage.
  • If you want to charge postage to a department or chartfield string other than the department in the return address please bundle the mail and include a note on the front of the bundle that indicates which department or program you want the postage to be charged to.
  • All flats and parcels must be sealed prior to being placed in the red mail bag for pickup by Distribution Services. Standard letter envelopes can remain unsealed.
  • Large amounts of letters, anything exceeding 20 pieces, should be bundled in a uniform manner with a rubber band. Bundled letters should be either flapped or unflapped but not both.
  • International mail exceeding 13 oz. must be accompanied by appropriate customs forms. USPS customs forms must be completed and postage paid online by the shipping department before being given to Distribution Services for transport to the USPS. Distribution Services suggests using UPS for international shipments as our UPS discount makes prices competitive with USPS, tracking is provided, and a department chartfield string can be used for chargebacks.
  • Distribution Services does not offer Delivery Confirmation or Registered mail services. For tracking of mail please use USPS Express mail or UPS document services. To send items using USPS Express mail please contact Distribution Services for the correct form.
  • Pre-stamped departmental mail should be kept separate from mail that requires postage.

Personal Mail Policy

Distribution Services is not responsible for processing personal mail. Please view Distribution Service's personal mail policy for more details.