Department of Emergency Management


Key Campus Contacts

Emergency: 911
University Police
Non-Emergencies: 805-756-2281

Information Sources

Cal Poly Emergency Information Call Center*


Emergency Alert System*

920 AM, 1400 AM, 98.1 FM, 1610 AM (Cal Poly)


* only activated during emergencies

Additional Information

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Phone: 805-756-6658

Active Shooter



RUN: Run when it's Safe to run.

If you can get out of the building safely, avoiding an armed assailant and not hurting yourself in the process (sprained ankle, a fall down the stairs, etc.), then run out and away as fast as you can. Take as many people with you as is safe, avoid going to any of the usual "staging areas" (parking lots, open concourses) like you'd do for a fire drill or a gas leak, and call 911 when it's safe to do so.

HIDE: Hide where it's safe to hide.

Leave your desk or work area, leave your stuff except for your cell phone, and run to the nearest "safe room" in your building. Once inside, with as many people as will fit, lock the door, and barricade it with whatever heavy objects you can find, stay out of the door frame, spread out inside the room, stay low, and be quiet. If you can call out to 911 from this position without making noise, do that. The safe room is not a bulletproof chamber; it's a break room, rest room, locker room, storage closet, utility room, training room, or supervisor's office that can be locked, preferably without windows and off the main hallway where the shooter may pass. The purpose of hiding in the safe room is to keep you and others barricaded and out of sight until the police can arrive to engage with the bad person(s) with the gun(s).

FIGHT: Fight if you or others around you have no other options.

Almost any room in an office building, store, church, or factory will have something in it you can use for protection: a fire extinguisher (for spraying or head-bashing or both); chairs; tools; desk objects; or even heavy books. Brave and heroic people have done extraordinary things when faced with real chance-of-death events involving a shooter who has breached the safe room. Many people who did not see themselves as capable of protecting themselves or others with force have done so when called upon and saved lives.

* Law enforcement personnel are there to first STOP the shooter, not to evacuate or assist the injured. Follow their instructions quickly and quietly. Stay calm

For more information, see these videos about response plans for an Active Shooter: