Environmental Health & Safety

Environmental Health and Safety assists the campus in providing a safe and healthful workplace through the development and implementation of programs which minimize the risk of occupationally related injury or illness. Also, EH&S develops and implements programs to ensure the safe use, handling and storage of hazardous materials and appropriate and compliant disposal of hazardous wastes. These are accomplished through employee training programs, procedures and policies, and compliance surveys.

Environmental Health & Safety Contacts

Aubrey Arain

Industrial Hygiene Specialist

David Korpan

Environmental Health & Safety Director

Kathryn Villarreal

Workers' Compensation Analyst

Mike Landvogt

Fire and Life Safety Specialist

Christina Juarez

Environmental Health & Safety Supervisor

Erin Winett

Environmental Protection Program Specialist

Melonee Cruse

Safety Program Specialist

EHS News and Information


Come meet our new staffs! See the contacts above and reach out to them by email or phone.

Risk and Safety Solutions (RSS) Tools

The CSU system and Environmental Health & Safety is implementing the Risk and Safety Solutions (RSS) software tools for the laboratory areas. Inspect, Hazard Assessment and Chemical Inventory are here for your use. Click on this link to log in: Risk and Safety Solutions. More information regarding this software can be found here. Helpful short training videos on Assessment and Inspect can be found here. Chemical Inventory tutorial can be found here. You may down load the Chemical Inventory upload template

Online (M)SDS System

Environmental Health & Safety subscribes to MSDSOnline, an online database to provide Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for hazardous materials used on campus. Campus users can access the site at: afd.calpoly.edu/sds . No login or special access codes are required, if accessed from a campus computer. Cal OSHA allows this online system to replace our paper MSDS files as long as hazardous materials users have access to a computer with the link to the MSDSOnline in the immediate vicinity of the hazmat use and users are notified as to where they can find the SDS. A posting for areas with hazardous material use can be found here.

EHS training catalog of online courses offered in SumTotal is here.

Do you need to operate a Forklift?

EHS has several options available to the campus for forklift operation.