Instructional Student Assistant (ISA) Information Page

How do I begin my employment as an Instructional Student Assistant?

All Instructional Student Assistants must complete a new employee intake before they can begin working. Please bring the following to the Payroll Services office, Administration Building Room 107, no later than your first day of employment for pay:

  • A copy of your completed ISA-101 form
  • Documents to complete the Form I-9
  • Your original social security card

Overview of the payroll process for ISAs:

  • ISAs access their online timesheet through the My Cal Poly Portal.
  • ISAs will report hours worked using the punch timesheet format ("In" and "Out"), in the appropriate job record number, everyday throughout the pay period up until the last day to enter time
  • ISA Timekeepers/Approvers will review the time entered by the ISA and approve appropriately online
  • ISAs will pick up their paychecks after 3 p.m. on hourly payday (on or about the 15th of each month) in Student Accounts, Room 211
  • LATE ISA time will need to be submitted to Payroll Services via the paper "Late ISA Timesheet". These are due to Payroll by the 10th of each month and will be paid on approximately the 25th
ISA Employee Forms and Information Type
Late ISA Timesheet - 2018 Excel
Late ISA Timesheet - 2019 Excel
ISA Self-Service Quick Start Guide PDF
ISA Self-Service Quick Start Bookmark PDF
Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Link
Frequently Asked Questions Link
ISA Timekeeper Information Type
Instructional Student Assistant Employment Guidelines Word

Academic Student Appointment Forms (via Academic Personnel)

New Student Position Number Request Form Word
ISA Timekeeper Buisness Process Step-by-Step Guide

ISA Timekeeper Quick Start Guide to Approve/Deny Reported Time PDF
ISA Timekeeper Roles and Responsibilites Word
Student Employee Handbook - additional ISA guidelines on page 13 Word
Frequently Asked Questions Link

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