Late Student Pay

If a Student Assistant's timesheet is not approved during the designated approval period they must complete a "Late Student Timesheet" in order to be paid. Late Student Timesheets are due to Payroll Services on approximately the 15th business day of the month and are paid on approximately the 25th. For specific late pay dates and form due dates please refer to the Payroll Calendar.

Late Student Timesheets require an authorized original signature and must be completed in Excel. Incomplete Late Student Timesheets will not be accepted.

Please save the Late Student Timesheet to your desktop before completing, close your browser and re-open the saved copy of the form so that you can view the instructions and example tab. You can find these instructions and example on the second tab along the bottom of the Excel workbook. If you have any questions about how to complete the form, please contact Payroll Services at 805-756-2605.

Late Student Timesheet (fill out in Excel).

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