Coronavirus Information from Administration & Finance

Student Employees

New Employee Information

If you are a new student employee, you must meet with Payroll Services no later than your first day of employment. Your supervisor should email to request a virtual Zoom intake. You cannot be paid for any time prior to this intake being completed.

Please have the following with you for your virtual intake:

Entering Student Time

Access your online timesheet through the Student Pay System (Student Assistant) or through PeopleSoft (Instructional Student Assistant). You can only enter time after completing an intake and I-9 in Payroll

Late Student Pay

Late student time will need to be submitted to Payroll Services via the paper "Late Student Timesheet".

Get Paid

Students can pick up their paychecks on hourly/student payday (on or about the 15th of each month) in Student Accounts, Room 211

Looking for a Job?

Collection of resources for students to find jobs.

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