Student Employee Pay Dates

The following is a list of State Student Assistant paydates. Paychecks are distributed by the Student Accounts Office located in the Admin. Building, Room 211. Paychecks are available: 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Direct Deposit may occur 2-3 days earlier than the payday listed here.

All student hours must be completed on-line by 5 p.m. on the next business day following the end of the pay period.

2016 Pay Period Information

Academic Term Pay Period Pay Period Dates Last Day to Enter Time Last Day to Approve Payday
Fall 2015 Dec-15 Dec 2nd - Dec 31st Jan 4th Jan 6th Jan 15th
Win 2016 Jan-16 Jan 1st - Jan 31st Feb 1st Feb 3rd Feb 16th
Win 2016 Feb-16 Feb 1st - Mar 1st Mar 2nd Mar 4th Mar 15th
Win 2016 Mar-16 Mar 2nd - Mar 31st Apr 1st Apr 5th Apr 15th
Spr 2016 Apr-16 Apr 1st - Apr 30th May 2nd May 4th May 16th
Spr 2016 May-16 May 1st - May 31th Jun 1st Jun 3rd Jun 15th
Spr 2016 Jun-16 Jun 1st - Jun 30th Jul 1st Jul 6th Jul 15th
Sum 2016 Jul-16 Jul 1st - Aug 1st Aug 2nd Aug 4th Aug 15th
Sum 2016 Aug-16 Aug 2nd - Aug 31st Sep 1st Sep 6th Sep 15th
Sum 2016 Sep-16 Sep 1st - Sep 30th Oct 3rd Oct 5th Oct 14th
Fall 2016 Oct-16 Oct 1st - Oct 31st Nov 1st Nov 3rd Nov 15th
Fall 2016 Nov-16 Nov 1st - Nov 30th Dec 1st Dec 5th Dec 15th
Fall 2016 Dec-16 Dec 1st - Dec 31st TBD TBD TBD

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