Student Employee Pay Dates

The following is a list of State Student Assistant paydates. Paychecks are distributed by the Student Accounts Office located in the Admin. Building, Room 211. Paychecks are available: 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Direct Deposit may occur 2-3 days earlier than the payday listed here.

All student hours must be completed on-line by 5 p.m. on the next business day following the end of the pay period

2015 Pay Period Information

>Academic Term Pay Period Pay Period Dates Last Day to Enter Time Approval Period Payday
Fall 2014 Dec-14 Dec 2nd - Dec 31st Jan 2nd Jan 5th & 6th Jan 15th
Win 2015 Jan-15 Jan 1st - Jan 29th Jan 30th Feb 2nd & 3rd Feb 13th
Win 2015 Feb-15 Jan 30th - Feb 28th Mar 2nd Mar 3rd & 4th Mar 16th
Win 2015 Mar-15 Mar 1st - Mar 31st Apr 1st Apr 2nd & 3rd Apr 15th
Spr 2015 Apr-15 Apr 1st - Apr 30th May 1st May 4th & 5th May 15th
Spr 2015 May-15 May 1st - May 31st Jun 1st Jun 2nd & 3rd Jun 15th
Spr 2015 Jun-15 Jun 1st - Jun 30th Jul 1st Jul 2nd & 6th Jul 15th
Sum 2015 Jul-15 Jul 1st - Jul 30th Jul 31st Aug 3rd & 4th Aug 14th
Sum 2015 Aug-15 Jul 31st - Aug 31st Sep 1st Sep 2nd & 3rd Sep 15th
Sum 2015 Sep-15 Sep 1st - Sep 30th Oct 1st Oct 2nd & 5th Oct 15th
Fall 2015 Oct-15 Oct 1st - Oct 31st Nov 2nd Nov 3rd & 4th Nov 16th
Fall 2015 Nov-15 Nov 1st - Dec 1st Dec 2nd Dec 3rd & 4th Dec 15th
Fall 2015 Dec-15 Dec 2nd - Dec 31st TBD TBD TBD