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The Facilities & Development Help Center is the single point of contact for all your facilities requests & inquiries:

*Due to limited staffs and resources, the moving request will be put on the waiting list.

*Surplus services has moved to the Distribution Department of Strategic Business Services. For more information, click here.

Facilities Help Center Contacts

Jill Baxter

Customer Service Manager

Cassandra Loya

Customer Service Coordinator

Phileasha Cantu

Customer Service Coordinator

Casie Hill

Director of Customer & Business Services

Hallee Harper-Kinney

Lead Customer Service Coordinator

Stacy Hruby

Customer Service Coordinator


Customer Service Coordinator


Personnel & Training Manager

Wondering If Your Request Is Covered Under Maintenance?

Facilities Management & Development maintains state buildings, grounds, and the campuswide road and utility infrastructure. Repairs to the as-built/as-designed facility are typically covered under maintenance. Maintenance of non-state buildings may be performed on a recharge basis. Any improvements or maintenance of improvements due to change of use are also performed on a recharge basis.

Curious about the cost of charge-back work? Request an estimate or review the labor rates below

Trade January 2020 Rate
Regular Hours Overtime Hours 1.1% * Markup Regular 17% Markup Overtime 17%
Carpentry 61.91 68.10 72.43 79.67
Central Plant 62.29 68.51 72.88 80.16
Custodial 28.27 31.10 33.08 36.39
Electric 70.69 77.75 82.70 90.97
Engineering 69.65 76.62 81.49 89.64
Fleet 68.26 75.09 79.87 87.85
Landscaping 37.72 41.50 44.14 48.55
Lock Shop 56.57 62.22 66.18 72.80
Moving 36.34 39.98 42.52 46.77
Painting 53.03 58.33 62.04 68.25
Plumbing 70.34 77.37 82.29 90.52

* Overtime hours are charged at a 1.1% verses a 1.5% due to regular maintenance work being performed the majority of the day.

Please note that most chargeback work is performed outside normal business hours and is subject to overtime charges including meals and labor.


Facilities Management & Development Help Center