Free Masks Available to Campus Community

Face coverings are available to all students, faculty and staff in spring quarter.

  • These locations have N95 masks available during operational hours. Students and employees may each pick up four N95 masks at a time.

  • Surgical masks are available at the University Union Facility second-floor supervisor desk, the Kennedy Library in the main lobby on the first floor, and the Recreation Center.
  • Reusable face coverings are available at the University Union Facility Supervisor desk, located on the second floor of the UU; and the Kennedy Library in the main lobby on the first floor. 

Properly Dispose of Face Coverings

Consider the environment in your choice and use of face coverings. While we all work to reduce the spread of COVID-19, help Cal Poly reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, and properly dispose of face coverings that have reached end of life in a landfill receptacle. Learn more about Cal Poly Zero Waste and other sustainability initiatives.

Questions about distribution?