Employment Eligibility Verification: Form I-9

Any new student, staff or faculty employee must report to Payroll Services no later than their first day of employment. The new employee must be prepared with the documents necessary to complete the Form I-9, and present their original social security card. The employee may not begin working until the Form I-9 is completed by Payroll Services. They do not need to bring a Form I-9 with them, Payroll Services will be providing this form as part of the employee intake packet.

What is my first day of employment?

Students: The first day you are scheduled to work.

Staff/Faculty: The effective date of your appointment. This is your first day of employment for pay and will be reflected in your offer letter.

What documents should I be prepared to show?

Employees may present one selection from List A or a combination of one selection from List B and one selection from List C. All documents must be unexpired. List of Acceptable Documents. Additionally, it is a CSU requirement that we see your original social security card in addition to documents used to complete your Form I-9.

What happens if I do not have the documents by the first day of employment?

You may present a "receipt" showing you have applied for a replacement document that was lost, stolen or damaged in lieu of a List A, B or C document. These receipts are valid for 90 days. You must show the replacement document before this 90 days expires. We cannot however accept a receipt for the application of an initial or renewal employment authorization document.

If you cannot satisfy the I-9 requirements listed above, you may not begin working or be compensated by the University.

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