Fall 2021 Important Dates

Fees Viewable - First Years - 08/09/2020
Fees Viewable - Transfers when enrolled starting 08/12/2020
Students WITHOUT Financial Aid — Past due the later of 08/24/2020 or 7 days after posting, Class Cancellation: 08/31/2020
Students WITH Financial Aid — Past due: 09/14/2020, not subject to class cancellation

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When to Pay

Summer 2021
Fees Viewable

At time of registration 04/26-06/18/2021

Fee Past Due Date (if not financial aid deferred) 05/24/2021
Class Cancellation (financial aid deferred accounts exempt) 06/08/2021
1st Financial Aid Disbursement 06/21/2021
Financial Aid Deferred Fees Past Due 06/21/2021
1st Direct Deposit Refund for Excess Financial Aid 06/23/2021
1st Day of Class 06/21/2021

Pay Online

Any online payments using a credit or debit card will incur a 2.65% non-refundable convenience fee.

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