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Refund Instructions

How to Request an Overpayment Refund

Note: Financial aid refunds occur twice a week automatically. Review the Financial Aid Refund Flowchart for more information.

Overpayments (credit balances other than financial aid funds) remain on the student account to be used to pay future charges unless the student submits a signed refund request form to the Student Accounts Office.

Refund Process Timelines

  • Refund disbursements are generated twice a week.
  • Refund disbursements are either mailed to the address specified, or may be direct deposited into the student's personal bank account (applicable only if the student has already set up a direct deposit). Note: students are expected to use an address that is active on their portal. Student addresses can be updated from the Personal Info tab.
  • Prorated registration fee refund resulting from dropping or withdrawing from a term: the average processing time is two weeks - which begins when add/drop closes. For more information regarding registration fee refunds please see the Registration Fee Refund policy. Note: Students withdrawing from the term after add/drop closes must do so through the Records Office.

Refund Request Instructions