How to Approve an Alcohol Service Request

Background / Scope

The Alcohol Service Request approval process ensures that each event held on campus follows the standards and expectations for the use, service, sale, and consumption of alcoholic beverages clearly defined in CAP 172.


This document demonstrates how to approve an Alcohol Service Request (ASR) eForm. Please note per CAP “Students’ events are not allowed to serve or sell alcohol on campus; thus, University events, meetings and activities that are student club and/or student managed are not considered University events under this definition, unless they are under the direction and control of a University host and have an approved permit.”


Step One: Portal Sign In

Sign into the Cal Poly Portal.

Step Two: Access eForms

There are 2 ways to access eForms pending your approval. Click on the "Eforms Workitems" option, to the left of your “Notifications.” Or click on the “Electronic Workflow” option in the left navigation pane under “Single Click Links.” See Figure 1 below.

Screenshot showing 2 links to eForms in the Portal
Figure 1

Step Three: Find the Event

You will now be on the Cal Poly eForms page. Under the “Worklist” column on the left side of the screen, click on “University Host Acceptance” and find the event.

Screenshot of eForms page
Figure 2

Step Four: University Host Acceptance

Choose the correct “University Host Acceptance” for the event you want to review. A dialogue box will pop up and prompt you to accept and open the group work item.

Screenshot of pop-up Accept group work item
Figure 3

Step Five: Review

Review the event information provided by the requester.

Screenshot of event information page
Figure 4

Step Six: Accept or Reject

Select “Accept” or “Reject” in the drop-down menu at the bottom of the page under “University Host Approval.” Add optional comments about the event if you have specific concerns, but are still approving. Comments are required if rejecting the event.

Once you have made your selection, hit the “Send” button on the bottom of the page.

Screenshot showing drop down menu for approval and comments section
Figure 5

Step Seven: After Submitting

A “Successfully submitted University Host Acceptance” dialogue box will appear. You can choose to Review Form, Download a PDF, Return to Workflow Dashboard (to approve another request) or Logout of Workflow.

Screenshot showing successful submission page
Figure 6