University Waiver of Liability & Release Agreement

What is a Waiver of Liability and Release agreement?

Waiver of Liability Assumption of Risk and Release Agreements are used to:

University Waiver of Liability (PDF)

Why are the Waiver of Liability and Release agreements important?

The University sponsors a wide variety of optional travel, recreational, cultural, educational, physical, and other activities for members of the University community and public. Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Release Agreements help ensure participants fully understand and appreciate the risks associated with these activities, and serve to mitigate liability risk to the University. Departments are encouraged to carefully evaluate whether Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Release Agreements should be used in connection with events or activities hosted, sponsored, or affiliated with the department.

When should a Waiver of Liability agreement be used?

Activity No Release Release Required
Summer Camps X
Child Care X
Field Trips to Campus X
Outreach (on and off campus) X
Recruitment Activities X
CSU Course (Registered) X
Off Campus Trip, Required by Course X
Off Campus Trip, Not Required by Course X
Gym Class, Required Course X
Gym Class, Elective Course X
Intercollegiate Athletics X
Sports Clubs, On and Off Campus X
Recreational Facilities – Day Users, Rec. Classes X
Outside Clubs/Group Use of Fields, Rooms X
Registered Student Organization Events X
Student Club Events X
Off Campus Clubs or Groups – Use of Facilities X
CSU Students X
Interns/Externs Working for Other Companies X
Volunteers, Chaperones, Auditors X
CSU Faculty (if part of scope of CSU work) X
Non-CSU Faculty X
Employees Within Scope of Duties X
Employees Volunteering Time (Off Campus) X
Business Invitees X
Use of Campus for Projects by Non-Affiliates (Filming, etc.) X
Media X
Public Attending Game/Campus Function X

University Police should be called immediately regarding any injury or damage to property (Business 805-756-2281). In an emergency, dial 911.

Questions regarding the activities, safety, insurance and/or this form should be directed to University Risk Management.

The Waiver of Liability form and language has been reviewed and approved by University Legal Counsel and University Risk Management for use by the University to inform potential participants of risks involved in participation in specific activities and to contractually transfer the responsibility for those risks to the participant in exchange for allowing their participation.


Policy - California State University Use of Approved Release of Liability