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University Release Agreement

The attached form and language has been reviewed and approved by University Legal Counsel and University Risk Management for use by the University to inform potential participants of risks involved in participation in specific activities and to contractually transfer the responsibility for those risks to the participant in exchange for allowing their participation.

University Release Agreement

  • The name and date of the specific activity should be inserted under the form title on each page.
  • The form should be reviewed by the prospective participant before participation. The participant (and parent if applicable) should then initial and sign the document which is maintained by the department responsible for the activity for a period of three years.
  • The University does not maintain accident medical coverage for students or visitors on campus.
  • The University entity (College or Division) responsible for the activity is responsible for the payment of the deductible for the University’s liability insurance for each occurrence or claim related to the activity.
  • Information for the participants including: preparation, equipment, safety, etc. should be provided separately, in written form.
  • Accidents or incidents involving injury or damage should be reported to University Risk Management as soon as possible.

University Police should be called immediately regarding any injury or damage to property (Business 805-756-2281). In an emergency, dial 911.

Questions regarding the activities, safety, insurance and/or this form should be directed to University Risk Management.