Vehicle Accident Reporting

Cal Poly is self-insured for motor vehicle liability insurance through a program administered by the California Department of General Services, Office of Risk and Insurance Management (ORIM). Cal Poly drivers must report all motor vehicle accidents that occur while driving Cal Poly-owned vehicles, as well as those occurring in personal or rental vehicles, while being driven on official university business. All vehicle accidents which in any way involve personal injury or property damage to others must be reported to Cal Poly Risk Management within 48 hours.

When to Report a Vehicle Accident:

  • For any university owned vehicle damaged while being driven or parked;
  • For any non-university vehicle damaged while being operated on official university business; and
  • For any vehicle accident where the vehicle is being operated by faculty, staff, university employed students, or identified university Volunteers.

Accident Reporting Procedure for Drivers on University Business

    Follow these instructions for accidents/incidents involving state, rented, or personal vehicles operated while on University Business only.

  1. Make no comment or statement regarding the accident to anyone except investigating police, your supervisor, Cal Poly Risk Management, other State officers, or an identified representative of ORIM.
  2. Call the police (911) in the event of any injury accident. Call University Police if on Campus at 805-756-2281.
  3. Record accident information immediately on a Vehicle Accident Data Form (STD 269) for all vehicles (state, rented, and personal vehicles).
  4. If the vehicle is rented contact the rental agency.
  5. If the vehicle is your personal vehicle contact your insurance agent.
  6. Contact Fleet Services at 805-756-6022 for university owned vehicles to schedule an inspection to assure the vehicle is safe to operate.
  7. Driver MUST provide a written Report of Vehicle Accident (STD 270) to Risk Management within 48 hours of the accident (for state, rented and personal vehicles).
  8. Driver’s Supervisor MUST provide a written Supervisor’s Report of State Vehicle Accident (STD 274) within 5 days of the accident (for state, rented, and personal vehicles).
  9. Forms should be submitted, either delivered by hand to Risk Management, Building 01 Room 128 or by emailing

What Happens After I File a Report?

  • For University Vehicles vs. Private Parties, ORIM will assign the claim to an adjuster and ORIM will contact the parties directly.
  • If the vehicle is a personal vehicle, the driver needs to also contact their insurance agent - personal insurance is primary (State coverage is excess).
    • Claims paid by private insurance for accidents to privately owned vehicles while being operated on University or State business are not reimbursable from CSU funds. An employee may seek relief from out-of-pocket expenses such as deductibles via the CSU claims process by contacting the campus risk manager.  The decision to accept the claim is up to their department, who would be responsible for paying it. 
  • In order to substantiate and document their property damage claim, the claimant must provide ORIM with a written estimate(s) as follows: 
    • One estimate if the repairs are less than $500
    • Two estimates if the repairs are more than $500
  • If the claimant’s car is not drivable, obviously they cannot obtain competitive repair estimates. ORIM will handle this situation.

For Injuries caused by a Vehicle Accident:

    Any bodily injury or illness related to work for the university (University employees, employed students, and identified university Volunteers) are to be reported to the employee’s Supervisor IMMEDIATELY for Worker’s Compensation. Worker’s Compensation Claims information can be found at


  • What is a State Vehicle?

    A state vehicle is defined as a motorized device for land transportation owned, leased, or rented by the University, State or any State agency, including but not limited to automobiles, trucks, golf carts, tractors, etc.

  • Can I use a motorcycle or bicycle on University Business?

    No. Motorcycles and bicycles shall not be used in carrying out University or State business, except for police motorcycles as approved by a campus president. Bicycles that are used solely on campus property are exempted contingent upon completion of the defensive driving course and as approved by a campus president; use of a helmet is mandatory.

  • What is University Business?

    State vehicles shall be used only in the conduct of University or State business. This means “only when driven in the performance of, or necessary to, or in the course of, the duties of University employment”. No University officer or employee shall use, or permit the use of, any State vehicle other than in the conduct of University or State business.

  • What if I want to drive my personal vehicle?

    Before a person may be authorized to use a privately owned vehicle to conduct University or State business, the person must certify in writing that the vehicle used will always be:

    • Covered by liability insurance in at least the following amounts:
      • $15,000 for personal injury to, or death of, one person,
      • $30,000 for personal injury to two or more persons in one accident, and
      • $5,000 for property damage;
    • Adequate for the work to be performed;
    • Equipped with safety belts in operating condition; and
    • In safe mechanical condition as required by law.

    This certification will be recorded on Std. Form 261, Authorization to Use Privately Owned Vehicles on University or State business. (Link to EHS site and STD 261)

  • When is ORIM involved?
    • If State vehicle, or State driver authorized to drive their personal vehicle for University business, is at fault for causing damage to a private party, non-State vehicle, ORIM will handle the claim.
    • If a private party non-State vehicle is at fault for causing damage to a State vehicle ORIM can assist with subrogation/recovery against adverse party and/or their insurer.
    • If a State vehicle, or State driver authorized to drive their personal vehicle for University business, is at fault for causing damage to another state vehicle, the department of the at fault driver will be responsible for any damages or deductibles incurred from the damaged vehicle. The department at fault will be required to provide a chartfield string for an expenditure transfer.