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Vehicle Accident Reporting

Faculty, staff, university employed students, Identified University Volunteers, driving/operating vehicles on University (State) Business are personally responsible to report all vehicle accidents and/or damage to the University (State) vehicles.

Vehicle Accidents involving:

  • Any University (state) vehicles or if the vehicles are damaged while parked
  • Privately Owned or Rental Vehicles being operated on University (state) business

Are Reported to:

  1. Local law enforcement, immediately (University Police if on campus) call 911.
  2. Your Supervisor, as soon as possible.
  3. Risk Management immediately if Serious Injury has resulted, (805-756-6755)
    • Report minor injuries and vehicle damage within 24 hours!
    • Contact University Police 805-756-2281, after regular work hours and on weekends.
  4. Transportation Services for University-owned vehicles to schedule an inspection to assure the vehicle is safe to operate.

In Addition

  • If the vehicle is rented contact the rental agency.
  • If the vehicle is your personal vehicle contact your insurance agent.

The Driver must also provide a written Report of Vehicle Accident

The Drivers’ Supervisor must provide a written

  • Supervisor’s Report of State Vehicle Accident (STD 274)
  • MUST BE completed by the drivers’ immediate supervisor,
  • Filed with Risk Management within 5 days of accident.
  • Forms should be submitted, either by faxing to (805)-756-6500 or delivered by hand to Risk Management, Building 01, Room 128.

Identified University Volunteers, university employed students, and university employees (faculty and staff) are to report their bodily injury or illness, related to their work for the University, to their SUPERVISOR IMMEDIATELY or if unable to do so, WITHIN 24 HOURS or the next business day to obtain the Workers’ Compensations form from the Workers’ Compensation Claims Coordinator at 805-756-5444 or email to