Campus Insurance Programs

The State of California has elected to be self-insured for its general liability, workers compensation, professional liability, motor vehicle liability, and property exposures. As a state agency, the CSU Office of the Chancellor, the Trustees, and the 23 CSU campuses are included in these self-insured programs, administered through the CSU Risk Management Authority (CSURMA).

According to CAP 360, each department on campus is responsible for their own loss. Any deductibles and premiums associated with the insurance listed below are the financial responsibility of the department using that insurance, with the exception of Property Insurance.

  • What is Insurance?

    Insurance is a financial risk management tool that helps protect against unexpected financial losses; it does not mitigate the risk itself.

    The CSU has a number of insurance programs to meet the needs of the campus community. Specific information regarding the campus liability, medical, property, student professional and general liability, student accident travel insurance, foreign travel and special events needs can be found below.

  • What are Endorsements and why are they important?

    An insurance endorsement is a legally binding change to an insurance policy that can add, remove, or alter the coverage. It is important to look at the endorsements attached to insurance as the certificate of insurance is not legally binding and conveys no rights. The most common requests for endorsements are for Additional Insured coverage, Primary/ Non-contributory coverage, Waiver of Subrogation, and Notice of Cancellation.

  • Self-Insured Letter or Certificate of Insurance?

    The State of California has elected to be self-insured for the majority of its general, worker’s compensation, and auto liability exposures. The University may provide a letter of self-insurance, Certificates of Coverage, or endorsements demonstrating coverage or providing additional coverage as required in contracts administered through Procurement Services. Risk Management shall be responsible for the acquisition and distribution of certificates of coverage.

    To request evidence of coverage, send a copy of your agreement with insurance requirements signed by your Procurement Specialist to

  • What is Campus Liability Insurance?

    The Campus General Liability Insurance covers third party claims against Cal Poly SLO for bodily injury and/or property damage.

    Cal Poly SLO has a per occurrence deductible of $500,000. Departments are responsible for all claims within the deductible that arise from their activities, events and operations. For campus sponsored events, the deductible can be bought down using Special Event Insurance.

    Application for Special Event Insurance
    Participant Accident Insurance
  • What is Special Event and Participant Accident Insurance?

    Special Event Insurance is a type of insurance coverage designed specifically for one-time or short-term events, and helps protect you from liability in case someone is injured or damages the venue’s property, by buying the campus general liability deductible down to $0. Special Event Insurance can include: liquor liability, participants, vendors, exhibitors, and concessionaires, increased limits and property damage. Special Event Insurance excludes liability involving autos, aircraft, worker’s compensation, fireworks, inflatables, carnival rides, rodeos, sporting events, concerts, races, etc. (contact Risk Management for a full list of exclusions).

    Participant Accident Insurance protects the organization from liability claims if someone gets hurt while participating in an event the organization sponsors. It can cover injuries to volunteers, participants, event organizers, and managers, as well as accidental death, dismemberment, dental expenses, and disability. This coverage is a no-fault basis, meaning it applies without any showing of fault and may also apply prior to an individual’s health insurance policy.

    For events that require medical expense coverage over $5,000, you will need to buy a special policy through K&K insurance (recommended by our insurance provider). Please contact Risk Management for more information and allow for at least 3 weeks of processing.

    Application for Special Event Insurance
    Participant Accident Insurance
  • What is Property Insurance?

    Property insurance protects property owners from losses arising from damage to the property’s physical space from covered perils.

    Property Insurance covers physical building damage (excluding contents, which can be scheduled separately under Campus 86 or Campus 99 schedules). Replacement cost coverage reimburses the full cost to repair, replace, or rebuild damaged property at current prices.

    Cal Poly SLO has a $100,000 deductible for most buildings on campus. Belfor has contracted with the CSU for pricing and has established rates with the insurance provider for streamlined claims processing.

  • What is Auto Liability Insurance?

    Cal Poly SLO is self-insured for auto liability through the State agency called the Office of Risk and Insurance Management (ORIM) through the State Motor Vehicle Liability Self-Insurance Program (VELSIP). Anyone driving on university business is required to be approved through the Driver Safety Program process prior to operating any vehicle on university business.

    All newly purchased State vehicles are automatically enrolled in the motor vehicle liability insurance program. Cal Poly drivers must report all motor vehicle accidents that occur while driving Cal Poly-owned vehicles, as well as those occurring in personal or rental vehicles, while being driven on official university business. All vehicle accidents which in any way involve personal injury or property damage to others must be reported to Cal Poly Risk Management within 48 hours.

    Persons authorized to operate personal vehicles on university business will have liability coverage through the vehicle owner's personal vehicle insurance on a primary basis. The State VELSIP Program provides excess coverage. In the event of an accident in a personal vehicle, the employee must report the claim to both the vehicle owner’s personal insurer and to Cal Poly Risk Management to notify ORIM.

    University Business rentals should be reserved with Enterprise through Concur. This will ensure the rental vehicle is subject to the terms and conditions of the contract between the CSU and Enterprise. This agreement provides $300,000 in liability coverage and physical damage coverage for the rental vehicle.

    For more information on the Auto Liability Insurance, please visit: the Risk Management Vehicle Accident page.

  • What is Auto Physical Damage Insurance?

    Auto Physical Damage insures the vehicle against a variety of damages such as collisions, vandalism, fire, and theft.

    Vehicles acquired on or after January 1, 2023 will be automatically enrolled in the Auto Physical Damage Coverage Program if they fall under the following Criteria. This coverage is also available for qualifying vehicles acquired prior to January 1, 2023 on a voluntary basis.

    Requirements Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
    Vehicle Description $35,000 - $99,999 $100,000 + and vehicles with specialized equipment Leased Vehicles
    Deductible Available $1,000 $1,000, $5,000, $10,000 $1,000
    Premium Paid By Owning Department Owning Department Leasing Department
    Insured Until 7 model years old 10 model years old or residual value, including equipment, drops below 30% Life of lease contract
  • What is Foreign Travel Insurance?

    CSURMA’s Foreign Travel Insurance Program (FTIP) is required under CSU policy and covers all employees and students of the CSU and its auxiliary organizations traveling outside of the United States and Puerto Rico on university business. Coverage includes, but is not limited to, general liability, medical and emergency evacuation as well as repatriation under the risk of war.

    This travel insurance has been designed specifically for the CSU. Staff and Faculty will submit their FTIP application through their Concur Request and Students and/or Student groups will submit their application through the International Center. Applications must be submitted at least 60 days prior to travel. When insurance coverage is bound, Foreign Travel Insurance Program will notify the traveler(s) that the premium has been bound and attach the “Travel Assist Card”. Contact if you have any questions.

    Useful links:

  • What is Inland Marine Insurance?

    Inland Marine Insurance is property coverage for material, products, or equipment that moves or is transportable that is owned, leased, rented or otherwise controlled by Cal Poly, and for which Cal Poly is liable. This type of policy can cover property that is owned by someone else but under the care, custody and control of the University. This is not the same as Property Insurance.

    Cal Poly SLO has a $1,000 deductible for insured inland marine.

    Inland Marine Insurance Application

  • What is Club Liability Insurance?

    Club Liability Insurance Program (CLIP) provides general liability coverage for officially recognized clubs of Cal Poly SLO for on and off campus activities. Greek organizations are excluded from coverage. Limits include $1,000,000 General Liability and $5,000,000 Aggregate. Major exclusions include, but are not limited to:

    • Auto Liability
    • Alcohol furnished at club activities/events
    • Activities of all fraternal organizations (men and women), including academic fraternal organizations
    • Hazing
    • Injuries to participants while participating in athletic activities
    • Intentional discrimination

    Cal Poly SLO has a $0 deductible.

  • What is Drone Insurance?

    Drone Insurance covers liability arising out of the ownership, maintenance or use of any owned, hired or borrowed drones in compliance with Part 107 and under 55 lbs. and used for non-commercial purposes. Only pilots as approved by Cal Poly, operating under Part 107 guidelines are authorized to fly a drone. The policy does not cover hull damage but this can be quoted upon request to Cal Poly Risk Management.

    There is no deductible or self-insured retention for Cal Poly SLO.

    Insurance Requirements for the Use of a Non-University Owned UAS

    Owner/Operator shall procure and maintain for the duration of the contract insurance against claims for injuries to persons or damage to property which may arise from or in connection with the ownership, maintenance or use of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. The University shall be named as additional insured to the insurance policy, as evidenced by an endorsement form that modifies the policy.

    Minimum Scope and Limit of Insurance: Coverage shall be at least as broad as:

    Aviation or Aircraft Liability Insurance on an “occurrence” basis, including products and completed operations, property damage, bodily injury with limits no less than $1,000,000 per occurrence, and $2,000,000 in the aggregate. This coverage may also be provided by endorsement to a Commercial General Liability policy. In that event then:

    1. Commercial General Liability (CGL): Insurance Services Office Form CG 00 01 covering CGL on an “occurrence” basis, including products and completed operations, property damage, bodily injury and personal & advertising injury with limits no less than $2,000,000 per occurrence. If a general aggregate limit applies, either the general aggregate limit shall apply separately to this project/location (ISO CG 25 03 or 25 04) or the general aggregate limit shall be twice the required occurrence limit.
    2. Business Auto Liability Insurance: UAS operators using non-Cal Poly- owned craft on university property must provide evidence of Any Auto / Owned / Non-owned auto liability insurance coverage with a limit of no less than $1,000,000 per accident that includes California Polytechnic State University, California Polytechnic State University auxiliaries, and the Trustees of California State University as Additional Insured. The Certificate of Insurance shall cover the date of the event.
    3. Workers’ Compensation insurance as required by the State of California, with Statutory Limits, and Employer’s Liability Insurance with limit of no less than $1,000,000 per accident for bodily injury or disease.
    4. DESCRIPTION OF OPERATIONS: The COI must show specific information as to the date(s) and event for which it’s being issued.
    5. ADDITIONAL INSURED ENDORSEMENT FORM: Accompanying the COI must be a separate endorsement to the policy naming California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo and its auxiliaries, and the Trustees of California State University as Additional Insured officers, employees, volunteers, representatives and agents of each of them as additional insureds, except for professional liability and workers’ compensation insurance. The endorsement must show the policy number stated on the COI.
    6. CANCELLATION: Be in compliance with the latest revised Acord form standard cancellation language "Should any of the above-described policies be cancelled before the expiration date thereof, notice will be delivered in accordance with the policy provisions."
    7. For more information, visit the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) website.

  • What is Fine Arts, Artifacts, and Archives Insurance?

    Fine Arts, Artifacts and Archives Insurance covers exhibits owned, lent by or lent to Cal Poly SLO. This includes “wall to wall” and “nail to nail” coverage while exhibits are on our premises, in transit, or out on loan. All single articles exceeding a value of $2,500,000 must be specifically scheduled.

    No deductible, except for earthquake damage, which has a 10% of value deductible.

  • What is SAFECLIP Insurance?

    Student Academic Field Experience Credit Liability Insurance Program (SAFECLIP) is general liability and professional liability for Cal Poly SLO enrolled students performing community service or volunteer work for academic credit; and students enrolled in radio, television or film credential programs of the CSU. Cal Poly must have a signed agreement for the insurance to be triggered.

    Cal Poly SLO has a $10,000 deductible for SAFECLIP.

  • What is SPLIP Insurance?

    Student Professional Liability Insurance Program (SPLIP) is medical professional liability and educators errors and omissions insurance for Cal Poly SLO students enrolled in a Health Profession practicum, social welfare program, social work program, or education credential program of the CSU who are required in writing by a host institution to obtain general liability and/or professional liability insurance for participation in the institution’s affiliation program.

    Cal Poly SLO has a $25,000 deductible.

  • What if the insurance I need is not listed on this page?

    Cal Poly’s Risk Management uses open market insurance providers for some of our programs and events that don’t have coverage available under CSURMA’s programs. Please reach out to Risk Management if you have any questions.

  • General Insurance Requirements for Vendors

    Off campus groups or individuals hosting activities on campus or conducting business with the university must provide evidence of General Liability insurance and, if applicable, Automobile Liability and Workers' Compensation. The Certificate of Insurance must include the following minimum coverage limits (other coverages and higher limits may be required due to the nature of the activity):

    • General Liability (Comprehensive or Commercial): $1,000,000 each occurrence / $2,000,000 aggregate

    • Automobile Liability (Owned, Scheduled, Non-Owned, Hired): $1,000,000 combined single limit
      * Vendors who are sole proprietors and are using automobiles for personal transportation only, may submit proof of automobile insurance as required by California law.

    • Workers' Compensation & Employer Liability (if applicable): evidence of coverage, as required under California State Law, Waiver Of Subrogation, include limits for employer liability
      * Vendors who are sole proprietors may submit proof of personal health insurance and execute the University Release in lieu of a Worker’s Compensation policy.

    Additional Insured Endorsement: An Endorsement must accompany the Certificate of Insurance naming the State of California, Trustees of the California State University, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Cal Poly Partners, Cal Poly Associated Students Inc., and the officers, agents, employees and volunteers of each as Additional Insured.

    Endorsements for General Liability and Auto Liability shall state this insurance shall be primary as respects the CSU, or if excess, shall stand in an unbroken chain of coverage excess of the Named Insured’s scheduled underlying primary coverage. In either event, any other insurance maintained by the University scheduled above shall be in excess of this insurance and shall not be called upon to contribute to it.

    Endorsements for General Liability, Auto Liability, and Worker’s Compensation shall state the insurer waives their right of subrogation against the CSU for any claims.

    Endorsements for General Liability, Auto Liability and Worker’s Compensation shall provide at least 30 days written notice prior to cancellation or modification of such liability insurance.

    Not all vendors are required to submit a COI or Endorsements as listed above. Please work with Procurement Services and Risk Management for specifics.

  • How do I file a claim against the CSU?

    Completed claims must be delivered or mailed to:

    The California State University - Office of the Chancellor
    Risk Management and Public Safety
    401 Golden Shore, 5th Floor
    Long Beach, CA 90802-4210

    Visit the CSU Risk Management and Public Safety web site for further information or to obtain a claim form: File a Claim