Summer 2021 Important Dates

Fees Viewable - at time of registration 04/26/2021 - 06/18/2021
Students WITHOUT Financial Aid — Past due: 05/24/2021, Class Cancellation: 06/08/2021
Students WITH Financial Aid — Past due: 06/21/2021, not subject to class cancellation

NOTE: Fall 2021 Charges will not be viewable in Money Matters until early July.

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Fall 2015, Winter 2016 & Spring 2016 Quarterly Fees

Last updated: 10/02/15


The CSU makes every effort to keep student costs to a minimum. Fees listed in published schedules or student accounts may need to be increased when public funding is inadequate. Therefore, CSU must reserve the right, even after fees are initially charged or initial fee payments are made, to increase or modify any listed fees. All listed fees, other than mandatory systemwide fees, are subject to change without notice, until the date when instruction for a particular quarter has begun. All CSU listed fees should be regarded as estimates that are subject to change upon approval by the Board of Trustees, the Chancellor, or the Presidents, as appropriate. Changes in mandatory systemwide fees will be made in accordance with the requirements of the Working Families Student Fee Transparency and Accountability Act (Sections 66028 -66028.6 of the Education Code).

Undergraduate Fees | Graduate Fees

Undergraduate Registration and Tuition Fees - Quarterly Amounts

Fee Description Fee Amount
6 units or less more than 6 units
Tuition Fee $1,058.00 $1,824.00
Campus Academic Fee
Colleges of Agriculture, Business, Engineering, Architecture & Environmental Design, Science & Math* 223.60 374.60
College of Liberal Arts* 165.60 258.60
Undeclared 72.60 72.60
Student Success Fee 265.53 265.53
Associated Student Fee* 102.58 102.58
Instructionally Related Activities fee* 100.02 100.02
University Union Fee* 226.36 226.36
Health Services Fee 100.45 100.45
Health Facilities Fee 3.23 3.23
Cal Poly ID Card 3.23 3.23
Student Involvement and Representation Fee (optional fee charged Fall & Spring terms) 2.00 2.00
*Combined fee amount. Fee will appear as multiple lines in the Student Account activity.

Total Undergraduate Registration and Tuition Fees

College Total Fees
6 units or less more than 6 units
Colleges of Agriculture, Business, Engineering, Architecture & Environmental Design, Science & Math $2,085.00 $3,002.00
College of Liberal Arts $2,027.00 $2,886.00
Undeclared $1,934.00 $2,700.00

Non-Resident Tuition Fee

$248.00 per quarter per unit (in addition to registration and tuition fees).

International Student Fee

$300.00 per quarter (in addition to registration and tuition fees).

Commencement Fee

Undergraduates who have an Expected Academic Progress percentage (EAP %) equal to or greater than 75% and have not already paid the Commencement Fee will charged $90. Commencement Fee is charged once for each degree program.

Other Fees

Late registration fee: $25.00

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