Fall 2021 Important Dates

Fees Viewable - First Years - 08/09/2020
Fees Viewable - Transfers when enrolled starting 08/12/2020
Students WITHOUT Financial Aid — Past due the later of 08/24/2020 or 7 days after posting, Class Cancellation: 08/31/2020
Students WITH Financial Aid — Past due: 09/14/2020, not subject to class cancellation

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When to Pay

Important Due Dates for 2021 - 2022

Registration and Tuition Fees are charged at the time of registration with the exception of early fall term enrollment. Fees not paid or deferred by a financial aid award by the due dates listed below will become past due and a registration hold will be placed on the account that prevents adding or swapping classes until the past due balance is paid. If you register or incur additional fees after the due dates, a 7 calendar day due date will apply.

Students not deferred by financial aid may be cancelled from all enrolled classes if past due fees are not paid by 4:00 p.m. on the class cancellation date. View the Financial Aid section for more information.

Date Fall 2021 Winter 2022 Spring 2022
Fees Viewable

First Years 08/09/2021

All Others 07/06/2021

First Years when block scheduled 10/20-11/01/2021

All Others at time of registration 11/02/2021 - 11/18/2021

First Years when block scheduled 02/04-02/15/2022

All Others at time of registration 02/16/2022 - 03/04/2022

Fee Past Due Date (if not financial aid deferred) 08/23/2021 12/06/2021 03/07/2022
Class Cancellation (financial aid deferred accounts exempt) 08/31/2021 12/16/2021 03/16/2022
1st Financial Aid Disbursement 09/14/2021 12/27/2021 03/21/2022
Financial Aid Deferred Fees Past Due 09/14/2021 12/28/2021 03/22/2022
1st Direct Deposit Refund for Excess Financial Aid 09/17/2021 12/30/2021 03/25/2022
1st Day of Class 09/20/2021 01/03/2022 03/28/2022