TERM 202X Important Dates

Fees Viewable - First Years: - 08/25/202X
Fees Viewable - Returning: when enrolled starting 08/28/202X
Students NOT "Deferred by Financial Aid"Past due: 12/07/202X - Class Cancellation: 12/16/202X
Students "Deferred by Financial Aid" — Past due: 1/22/2022 - not subject to class cancellation

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Share My Student Accounts Info

Student records are private and protected under a federal law called “The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act” (FERPA). Without explicit consent, Cal Poly staff cannot share information or conduct financial transactions directly with anyone but the student.

Cal Poly provides three ways to allow others to receive information or perform financial transactions on a student’s behalf:

Share My Info Setup

Student must create the report(s) and assign an email address to have access to it. The person needing to see the report must request a login using that email address.

Share My Info Login

Log in to Share My Info

Once reports are set up, they can be accessed here.

Release of Information

List all persons to whom a student's account information can be released, in writing OR over the phone. Student must enter this information through the "Authorization to Release" module of their Cal Poly portal. The easiest access is through the "Authorize to Release (FERPA)" self service option in Money Matters (below the gold "Make a Payment Now" button). Each person authorized will need to know the Access Code assigned to them by the Student.

Supporter Payment Portal

A student can set up a Supporter Payment Portal for anybody who wishes to make a payment online on their behalf.