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Winter 2021 Important Dates

Fees Viewable - First Years - when student is block scheduled 10/19-11/02/2020
Fees Viewable - Returning - at time of registration 11/03-11/19/2020
Students WITHOUT Financial Aid — Past due: 12/02/2020, Class Cancellation: 12/15/2020
Students WITH Financial Aid — Past due: 12/29/2020, not subject to class cancellation

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Student Success Fee Allocation Advisory Committee Background


On February 29, 2012, Cal Poly students ended a month-long advisory consultative process on the Student Success Fee, recommending that the President and Chancellor approve a fee that all students pay as a cost of attendance. There are two primary purposes for the Student Success Fee. The first is to fund initiatives that increase access to classes and laboratories, increase retention and graduation rates, and increase interdisciplinary learn-by-doing experiences. The second is to fund increased activities and efforts towards student enrichment and development, enhance campus diversity and multicultural competence, support for student athletes, and additional counseling for students in the health center. An influential component of the successful passage of the fee was the assurance that a Student Success Fee Allocation Advisory Committee (SSFAAC) would be created to advise the University President how to allocate the generated revenue based on institutional priorities.

Committee Purpose and Role

The SSFAAC serves in an advisory capacity to the University President. The committee’s purpose is to gather input from students and Cal Poly’s leadership about Student Success Fee-related priorities and needs in their respective areas, in order to provide funding recommendations to the President.

Committee Composition

  • ASI President (co-chair)
  • Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance (co-chair)
  • ASI Board of Director – Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences
  • ASI Board of Director - Science & Mathematics
  • ASI Board of Director - Architecture and Environmental Design
  • ASI Board of Director - Orfalea College of Business
  • ASI Board of Director - Liberal Arts
  • ASI Board of Director - Engineering
  • Academic Affairs Representatives (2)
    • Academic Sentate Chair or designee (1)
    • Provost (1)
  • Student Affairs Representative (1)
  • Provost's Office Representative (1) – non-voting
  • VP Admin & Finance Office Representative (1) – non-voting

Summary: 11 voting members, 7 of whom are students, and 2 non-voting members. A quorum exists if at least one co-chair is in attendance and at least five voting members are present.

Each voting member of the Committee will serve a one-year term and may serve up to two terms (with the exception of the Vice President of Administration and Finance who serves continuously as co-chair). Divisional representation will be rotated annually.


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