TERM 202X Important Dates

Fees Viewable - First Years: - 08/25/202X
Fees Viewable - Returning: when enrolled starting 08/28/202X
Students NOT "Deferred by Financial Aid"Past due: 12/07/202X - Class Cancellation: 12/16/202X
Students "Deferred by Financial Aid" — Past due: 1/22/2022 - not subject to class cancellation

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General Repayment Information For Student Loans Lent By Cal Poly: Federal Perkins Loans; Institutional Loans; Robert Noyce Scholarships; and California Dream Loan

For Federal Stafford and Graduate PLUS loan forms and general repayment information, click here.

For Federal Perkins, Institutional loans and Robert Noyce Scholarship ext interview information, click here.

IMPORTANT: The links/repayment information provided on this web page are geared towards the Perkins loan program. However, with the exception of Perkins loan cancellation provisions, the information below also pertains to the Institutional loans lent by Cal Poly.

To access Federal Perkins or Institutional loan information, please contact the billing service, ECSI:

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the loan lender?

Cal Poly is your lender. Although you are asked to send your payments directly to ECSI, you should make your checks payable to "Cal Poly".

Who/what is the student loan billing service?

A student loan billing service is an agency that provides borrowers with quick and accurate information pertaining to their student loan account. The billing service sends statements (email or mail - at the borrower's request); answers borrower questions; processes payments; and provides/processes all the documents and information associated with Cal Poly loan repayment. The billing service should be the borrower's first point of contact.

Billing service: ECSI

How do I update my mailing address, phone and email address?

Borrowers who are no longer enrolled at Cal Poly with at least half-time units are required to update their personal information directly through ECSI.

When I make or defer my Stafford and/or Graduate PLUS loan payments, will my Stafford loan lender apply the payment/deferment to the Cal Poly loan (Perkins and/or Institutional loan)?

No. Your Federal Stafford and/or Graduate PLUS loan(s) are completely separate loan obligation(s). Any payment or deferment information you supply to your Stafford/Graduate PLUS lender will not be shared with Cal Poly, or its billing service, ECSI.

What happens if my loan payments are late?

All repayment activity is reported to the three major credit bureaus. Accurately reported information will not be removed for up to ten years. No exceptions! For this reason, we suggest that our Perkins and Institutional loan borrowers contact ECSI and sign up for...

  • ACH (monthly payments automatically deducted from your personal bank account of choice); and
  • Emailed monthly billing statements.