Concur Travel Card

The Concur Travel Card is the preferred method of payment for travel expenses.

Concur Travel Card Policies & Procedures

To start your Poly Travel journey you first need to:
Apply for a Concur Travel Card.

The travel card is secure and convenient:

  • Cal Poly pays travel vendors directly
  • Charges feed right into Concur within a day or two of transaction
  • No additional reconciliation process, it automatically occurs during expensing process
  • Visibility to all your expenses in the Concur mobile app or online tool
  • Does not affect the cardholder's personal credit
  • Adjustable limits - overall or for a specific time frame
  • Travel insurance: $500,000 common carrier travel insurance for travel purchased for any scheduled air, land, or water conveyance (licensed for the transport of passengers for hire)
  • Fraud protection
  • Now, all individual hosted hospitality, regardless of location, can be paid via this card (local or while traveling)


ProCard website(forms, tutorials and other resources)
US Bank 24-Hour Customer Service (800) 344-5696
US Bank Fraud Prevention Line (800) 523-9078
US Bank Access Online Customer Support (877) 887-9260
US Bank website (view current balance, current and past transactions, credit limit, dispute a transaction)
ProCard Program Administrator Nieko Lopez
Administration Bldg. 1, Room 128

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