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Concur Travel Card

The Concur Travel Card is the required method of payment for travel expenses.

Processing and distribution of the new Concur Travel Card will be part of the Poly Travel roll out. Please see Roll Out and Training schedule to see when Poly Travel will go live for your organization. If you missed your organization’s Poly Travel roll out and you expect to travel on behalf of Cal Poly, please follow the steps below to request a Concur Travel Card.

Concur Travel Card Policies & Procedures

To start your Poly Travel journey you first need to:
Apply for a Concur Travel Card.

The travel card is secure and convenient:

  • Cal Poly pays travel vendors directly
  • Charges feed right into Concur within a day or two of transaction
  • No additional reconciliation process, it automatically occurs during expensing process
  • Visibility to all your expenses in the Concur mobile app or online tool
  • Does not affect the cardholder's personal credit
  • Adjustable limits - overall or for a specific time frame
  • Travel insurance: $500,000 common carrier travel insurance for travel purchased for any scheduled air, land, or water conveyance (licensced for the transport of passengers for hire)
  • Fraud protection
  • Now, all individual hosted hospitality, regardless of location, can be paid via this card (local or while traveling)

Travel Updates