Travel Request


Traveling with and paying on behalf of students


Travel without Cal Poly employee and will require reimbursement for expenses

Faculty / Staff - Domestic Procedures

The Concur Travel Request is required for all Cal Poly Staff and Faculty travel. The Travel Pre-Authorization Form (1A form) cannot be used.

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Staff / Faculty - International Procedures

Faculty and staff international travel conducted as Cal Poly business must go through the Concur.

Travel abroad may include activities such as:

  • attending conferences,
  • participating in tours,
  • conducting funded research.

Please note - there is no need to complete an international travel request or purchase Cal Poly foreign travel insurance for  U.S. Territories such as Puerto Rico, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, the U.S. Virgin Islands or American Samoa. 

Travel requests must be submitted in Concur by the deadline and follow the required steps

Steps to start the your international travel request process:

Step 1: 

The traveler will complete required forms for individual international travel

Depending on the types of international travel, it may be required for you to sign a release of liability.

Step 2: 

The traveler will begin their CONCUR travel Request and ATTACH the pdf forms (Insurance and Export Compliance) by clicking the “Attachment” tab.

Attaching Documents in Concur

Concur will only accept PDF, PNG, JPG, JPEG, HTML, TIF, of TIFF. The PDF’s cannot be in a SECURED format. To get it out of a secured format you must Microsoft Print to PDF and save the file under a new name. You will then be able to upload.

screenshot of microsoft WORD ui with the setting for selecting PDF as a printer

Step 3: 

Traveler will complete the remainder of the international travel request in Concur and hit SUBMIT to begin the approval process.

Please review the Guides and Video tutorials or contact if you have questions pertaining to the Concur Travel Request process.

Individual Travel Request Deadlines

Sixty (60) days in advance for ALL international travel.

Please visit the Department of State website for country information on each of your destinations. Your travel request will need to include thorough safety and security measures that you will take while abroad. In addition, review the High Hazardous Countries List to find out if your destination is deemed high hazardous. Foreign travel insurance rates may be higher for high hazardous countries.

It is recommended that travelers submit requests early to allow additional time for internal deadlines. This process requires some information gathering on your part—we encourage you to start early! 


Expenses related to international travel should not be incurred until you have completed the international travel request and received confirmation from Concur that your travel request has been approved.   


Regarding the Concur Travel Process:
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Regarding International Travel with students:
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