Concur Travel Card

Credit card pick up is now at Cashier’s office in building 1 between 8:30-4:30.

The Concur Travel Card is the preferred method of payment for travel expenses.

Concur Travel Card Policies & Procedures

To start your Poly Travel journey you first need to:
Apply for a Concur Travel Card.

The travel card is secure and convenient:

  • Cal Poly pays travel vendors directly
  • Charges feed right into Concur within a day or two of transaction
  • No additional reconciliation process, it automatically occurs during expensing process
  • Visibility to all your expenses in the Concur mobile app or online tool
  • Does not affect the cardholder's personal credit
  • Adjustable limits - overall or for a specific time frame
  • Travel insurance: $500,000 common carrier travel insurance for travel purchased for any scheduled air, land, or water conveyance (licensed for the transport of passengers for hire)
  • Fraud protection
  • Now, all individual hosted hospitality, regardless of location, can be paid via this card (local or while traveling)


ProCard website(forms, tutorials and other resources)
US Bank 24-Hour Customer Service (800) 344-5696
US Bank Fraud Prevention Line (800) 523-9078
US Bank Access Online Customer Support (877) 887-9260
US Bank website (view current balance, current and past transactions, credit limit, dispute a transaction)
ProCard Program Administrator Nieko Lopez
Administration Bldg. 1, Room 128

Concur Travel Card Violations and Correction Procedures

Any misuse of the Concur Travel Card as outlined in this Concur Travel Card Policies and Procedures,or failure to follow the established protocol of timely submission of documentation are considered violations.

If a cardholder incurs three (3) violations within a fiscal year, they will have their Concur Travel Card temporarily deactivated until retraining takes place. Departments are encouraged to develop internal policies and protocol to ensure violations do not occur.

Concur Travel Card Violations include, but not limited to:

  • Missing receipts
  • Non-itemized receipts
  • Personal purchases
  • Missing Signatures
  • Missing Hospitality Form
  • Unauthorized Transactions
  • Misuse of Concur Expense Types (Ex: Using “Other Expense” to circumvent $55 meal allowance limit)

Corrective Actions for Violations:

  • First Offense: Email to Cardholder and Approving Official with 1 week to remedy the violation
  • Second Offense: Email to Cardholder and Approving Official, warning of card suspension
  • Third Offense: Email to Cardholder, Approving Official and Department VP or Dean. Card suspended for at least 1 billing cycle and retraining required.

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