Student Travel

Student Submit Claims Domestic

The traveler is responsible for submitting travel claims not more than 30 days after the expenses were paid or incurred, even if no reimbursement is due to traveler.

Travel Claim Checklist

To ensure there are no delays in processing your Travel Claim Form, make sure to:

  • Use the most current version of the Travel Claim Form
  • Complete all Traveler information
  • List out of pocket meal, incidental, lodging, airfare, mileage and miscellaneous expenses (actuals only)
  • List advance amounts (if applicable)
  • List all chartfield string(s)
  • Identify all direct-billed expenses (paid by university on behalf of traveler)
  • Have Traveler sign form
  • Have Approving Official(s) sign form

And Provide the Required Back-up Documentation:, which may include:

  • Travel pre-authorization form (even if submitted at time of advance request)
  • Itinerary (Conference agenda)
  • Itemized lodging and airfare expenses (if applicable)
  • Itemized receipts for any meal and miscellaneous expenses over $40
  • Itemized receipts for all direct-billed expenses paid on behalf of traveler
  • Additional justification memos (if necessary)


All travel claims are to be submitted to Payment Service by email:

Please allow 10 business days for processing. Incomplete submissions will cause delay in reimbursement.

Student Submit Claims International

Student International travel visit the international center website

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