Non-Employee Traveler

Student - Domestic Procedures

Students traveling on university business must receive authorization to travel BEFORE booking any travel, including individual or group travel.

Individual or group student traveler: Prior to booking travel each traveler should fill out their own pre-authorization form, and have their Approving Official sign. Approving Official must have signature authority on the chartfields listed, and hold an employment classification of MPP< Dept Head, Dept Chair, or Confidential.

Travel to Banned State requires additional approvals by the Dean and Provost.

See International Travel section for steps to request international travel.

Forms for student travelers include

  • Pre-authorization form – to be completed and signed before travel. A cash advance can be requested on this form
  • Travelers Risk Acknowledgement – completed and attached to the 1A
  • Travel Claim Form – complete after travel for reimbursements and/or to cash advance expenses
  • Hotel/Motel Tax Waiver – can be presented at some California hotels and the hotel will waive the tax (for state employee travel)

Student Request - International Travel

Student International travel visit the international center website

Travel Updates