Staff Learning Community (SLC)

SLC Quick Info

  • Meets: 3rd Wed. of each month
  • Location: Virtual
  • Everyone is welcome

Are you a Staff employee of Cal Poly?

If yes, you are a member of the SLC by coming to a meeting! The Staff Learning Community is a group of Cal Poly Staff employees that want to share and learn from each other. We were all new employees once and had to learn how to navigate around the University. For the SLC to work and be a supportive Community you have to get involved! Share knowledge, tips, tricks, processes & procedures you've learned or developed that make your life at Cal Poly easier and more efficient. We will grow by all of us sharing!

The SLC Vision

The mission of the group is to collaborate with all Staff to share best practices, resources, engage in professional development, and support and guide one another. As the campus dynamics change, the needs for this group become more important. We hope to make this Community a valuable group for those on campus who share the same type of work and create standards to share.

How SLC Works

The SLC meets generally on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. All Staff members are welcome. No need for RSVP, just join us and participate in the offerings (information/training, networking and/or food!). As a group, we determine what we'd like to learn about, what urgent matters we should be aware of and share information for new policies on campus. A reminder is sent to the group for each meeting with the agenda / topics to be discussed. At each meeting we provide the opportunity to suggest future topics to discuss in upcoming meetings and evaluate the current meeting.