Managing Student Employees Toolkit

Student Employees are valuable employees that bring unique skillsets and perspectives to your team. Additionally, as students are typically new to the workforce, part-time workers, and often have generational differences from other members on your team, they also have unique mentoring and supervision needs. With on-demand resources covering topics such as employee engagement, building cohesive teams, and managing a multigenerational workforce, this toolkit is specifically designed to meet the supervisory and mentoring needs of student employees.

Managing Generation Z

Generation Z is significantly different than its predecessors: more realistic, competitive, and motivated. Explore how Gen Z communicates, collaborates, receives feedback, and derives value from work.

Managing Student Employees

This webcast will share techniques for proactive supervision by: setting expectations, explaining the requirements of university employment, documenting schedules, coordinating workload, managing performance, and connecting students to important campus resources.

Managing State Student Assistants (SA)

Information on the student assistants employment program from Cal Poly's Administration & Finance Team

 On-Demand Course

Managing a Multigenerational Workforce

The workforce is more diverse than ever, especially when it comes to age. Getting multiple generations to work together effectively is critical for business success. In this course, leadership expert Roberta Matuson helps managers gain an understanding of the complexity of leading a workgroup comprised of four or even five generations: traditionalists, baby boomers, Gen Xers, millennials, and Gen Zers. Learn how to leverage each generation's unique strengths.

Strategies for Building a Cohesive Team

Team cohesion, or the strength of the links between team members, determines how effective teams will be, especially in responding to outside pressures. In this course, you'll learn methods for effectively building and managing teams that focus on improvements in three areas: communication, cooperation, and trust. You'll learn specific strategies for improving communication and promoting collaboration among staff members working on a team. You'll also learn what signs suggest a lack of trust on a team, and how you can show team leadership by using the right techniques to build trust and improve teamwork.

Managing Temporary and Contract Employees

Managers of temporary and contract workers have to juggle workers who are frequently off site, who schedule their own hours, and who may have little experience with your company's mission-but who work alongside full-time employees. In this course, leadership consultant Jan Rutherford reviews best practices for hiring, onboarding, and communicating with contractors, and using the time you spend with them effectively. He also explains the mindset of a temporary worker and provides suggestions for ways to motivate a blended team and create real and lasting alignment with the rest of the organization.

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Tag, You're It: Hiring, Training, and Managing Student Assistants

This article discusses the advantages/disadvantages of employing student assistants, the available financial sources for funding student assistants, as well as the recruitment, interviewing, training, and evaluation methods employed.

Ensuring Onboard Success

This course provides managers with an insight into their unique role and outlines the benefits they reap from properly onboarding new hires. It also covers the key elements of an effective onboarding program and explains how onboarding is different from traditional orientation.