Onboarding for Managers Toolkit

Did you know that 76% of new hires feel socialization is most important? Employees who participate in a structured onboarding program are 69% more likely to stay with an organization for three years. This on-demand toolkits supports you in making the best first impression and biggest long-lasting impact during the onboarding process. Whether it’s mapping out an entire onboarding process, or just revamping what you already have in place, our Onboarding Toolkit for Managers has the on-demand courses, books, checklists, and videos to get you the tools you need.

Strategic Onboarding

HR expert Catherine Mattice defines the components of strategic onboarding program that ensures your employees feel welcome and have the tools they need to succeed in your organization.

Building Connection and Engagement in Virtual Teams

This LinkedIn Learning course by Erin Shrimpton covers the best ways to engage with your team both as individuals and the team as a whole.

14 Ways For Business Leaders to Build Team Cohesion

In this article, Forbes discusses steps leaders can take to build trust and cooperation among their employees to maximize productivity and team satisfaction.

 On-Demand Courses

Building Your Team

Course instructor, Izzy Gesell, discusses how to build an efficient, high-performing team from the ground up and creates an understanding of how individuals are affected when working in groups.

Onboarding New Hires as a Manager

Explore the work you need to do as a manager before a new employee’s first day, and find out about ways to make their first 90 days and beyond a successful experience for everyone. Instructor Todd Dewett shares insights about onboarding that can help you make your new hires feel welcome, informed, and ready to contribute.

Attracting, Hiring, and Working with Gen Z

The youngest and most digitally literate generation is now entering the workforce: Generation Z, also known as post-millennials. Instructor Sophie Wade covers how to use empathy to understand this unique generation, best practices for attracting with Gen Z candidates, and shares how to create a work environment where this unique group will feel safe and be productive.

How to Create and Run a Brilliant Remote Workshop

While the impact of COVID-19 is slowly dwindling down, our usage of remote working resources remains prevalent. Learn how to create and run a remote workshop that will have an impact and help you achieve your business goals from expert Dave Birss. Additionally, Birss shares tips on how you can migrate an offline event to an online one.

 Sites and Tools

Remote Employee Onboarding Checklist

When hiring remote employees, make sure you offer a structured onboarding. Use this HR checklist for onboarding remote workers to get new hires up to speed on their roles, your business and key policies.

Outlook: Time Management with Calendar and Tasks

Join Gini von Courter and learn how to use Outlook's robust calendar and task management features to better organize your work.

Teams: Installation and Help Guides

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace catered towards a proffesional environment. Familiarize yourself with Microsoft Teams and find all the resources needed to use the app.


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Successful Employee Communications: A Practitioner’s Guide to Tools, Models, and Best Practices for Internal Communication

Authors Sue Dewhurst and Liam Fitzpatrick give us insights and lessons to help us master our organizational communication skills, both internally and externally.


Creative New Employee Orientation Programs: Best Practices, Creative Ideas, and Activities for Energizing Your Orientation Program

Discover practical step-by-step guides and smart ideas that you can apply to ensure a smooth and successful onboarding process as the book covers topics from planning to execution.


Company Culture For Dummies

Starting with self-reflection, this book shows you how to utilize your personal growth to build a culture that drives performance, increases bottom line results, and creates brands that people talk about and remember.