Career Management

Ted Talks Playlist: Counterintuitive Career Advice

These talks go beyond the basics, offering insightful advice on how to think about our work lives.

Managing Your Career in Higher Education Administration

This insightful book provides career guide aimed specifically at the large number of people working in higher education roles.

Online Courses

Managing Your Career

You are responsible for making your own career choices. This course guides you through the process of taking inventory of your values, interests, skills, and needs. Then based on these findings, you can determine your strengths and implement your action plan to further your career.

Creating a Career Plan

With a solid career plan, you will be prepared and adept at finding work for the rest of your life. An effective career plan includes knowing how to determine, articulate, and sell your personal brand.

Rock Your LinkedIn Profile

This course teaches you how to create a LinkedIn profile that brings your personal career story to life, whether you’re just starting out, seeking to advance, or making a career change.


To access ebooks: Visit the Cal Poly Learning Hub. At the top right, click on the search button. On the search Drop-Down Menu select "Books and Videos." Type in the title of the book and click "Start" to begin reading!


Moving the Needle: Get Clear, Get Free, and Get Going in Your Career, Business and Life

Helping readers break the inertia and get moving in the right direction, this highly practical guide outlines a change process that can be applied to professional or personal goals, giving readers a concrete plan for making big things happen.


Love Your Job: The New Rules for Career Happiness

Exploring all the routines, habits, and thought patterns that, over the years, may have turned a dream job into a drudge or, worse, a nightmare, this book offers simple techniques that can help you adopt the attitude that will keep you happy and that might just lead to bigger and better things, no matter what stage of your career you are in.


The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Presenting a principle-focused approach to problem-solving, this book offers a revolutionary program to breaking the patterns of self-defeating behavior that keep us from achieving our goals and reaching our fullest potential.


Marketing your value: 9 steps to navigate your career

Navigating the chaos in today's marketing place requires a sophisticated strategy that is built upon the paradigm that professional development is directly linked to personal growth. To grow as a professional, therefore, one must increase their self awareness, build a compelling brand, and then communicate their message in a clear and consistent fashion.


Best Job Ever

This insightful book provides you with a concrete, step-by-step blueprint for revolutionizing your career and revamping your life.

Sites and Tools

Individual Development Plan

The Individual Development Plan helps you identify strengths, set goals and develop an action plan to engage with the wide variety of learning opportunities available at Cal Poly.

SMART Goal Development Guide

SMART goals incorporate the 5 most important aspects of goals that help guide people to be motivated and successful.

Career Services Toolkit

Career Services provides this resource toolkit designed to advance the quality of services to current students, alumni, and faculty/staff.

Google Your Way to a Great Job!

A research guide from the Robert E Kennedy Library with links to a variety of online resources.

Harvard Business Review: Career Planning

Harvard Business Review has compiled a large variety of articles filled with helpful insights and best practices that will help you navigate your career.

Forbes Careers Page

A continuously updated collection of articles with practical career advice.

Power Skills

Learn more in the areas of interpersonal communication, developing a growth and adaptive mind-set, self-discovery and time management.

Written Communication

Build up your writing skills.

Team Communication

Effective team communication at work.

Non-Verbal Communication

Our body language can make an impact.


Tips and ideas to become an active listener.

Communication Best Practices

The best communication method in situations.



The Art of Work: A Proven Path to Discovering What You Were Meant to Do

Through personal experience, compelling case studies, and current research on the mysteries of motivation and talent, Jeff shows readers how to find their vocation and what to expect along the way.


Do Over: Rescue Monday, Reinvent Your Work and Never Get Stuck

You already have everything you need for an amazing career. You've had the chance to develop the four elements all great careers have in common: relationships, skills, character, and hustle. Now it's time to amplify them and apply them in a new way.


Body of Work: Finding the Thread That Ties Your Story Together

Pamela Slim gives us the tools to have meaningful careers in a world of work that blends a variety of jobs and experiences. She shows how to find the connections among diverse accomplishments, sell your story, and continually reinvent and relaunch your brand.