Performance Management Toolkit

Performance management includes activities which ensure that goals are consistently being met in an effective and efficient manner. It can focus on the performance of an organization, a department, a process, or an individual employee. This model focuses on performance management and the employee. The performance management process is a collaborative effort between manager and employee to plan, monitor, and review objectives and contributions. An effective process is essential for individuals, groups and the organization to achieve their mission and strategic goals.

Steps in the Performance Management Model

  1. Plan Work and Set Expectations
  2. Observe Individual Performance
  3. Develop the Capacity to Perform
  4. Evaluate Performance
  5. Recognize Successful Performance

Learning Path: Effective Performance Management

Whether you're managing a division, a department, or a team, learn the skills to effectively manage performance by setting clear goals, providing feedback, conducting performance reviews, and nurturing employee growth and development.

Learning Bundle: Performance Evaluation

Giving and receiving effective performance feedback is an important skill for employees at all career levels. In this collection of courses and presentations, you will learn proven frameworks for delivering honest and constructive performance feedback that helps colleagues build confidence, bolster productivity, and improve performance at work. You will also learn to appreciate feedback from others, while mitigating common “triggers” that prevent us from fully implementing the feedback we receive.

Conversation AI Simulator (CAISY)

This tool allows for scenario-based practice of challenging real-life situations in a safe practice environment where learners can move at their own pace. You’ll be challenged with a scenario, then prompted to provide the actions you’ll take to progress through the scenario while receiving feedback and guidance along the way. It’s a great resource for managers to practice conversation skills in a safe environment.