Onboarding for Employees

Welcome to Cal Poly! We're here to support you in getting started in your exciting new job! This on-demand toolkit supports you in making the best first impression and biggest long-lasting impact during the onboarding process. Check out these on-demand courses, books, checklists, and videos to help you get to know our organization and ensure you will be successful in your new position.

What to Do in the First 90 Days of Your New Job

Learn how to absorb all the new information, impress your boss and get along with your coworkers, and deliver the performance you promised in your interview.

Developing a Growth Mind-set

Learn about the characteristics of a growth mindset, the methods of developing mindsets for success, and how professional growth can benefit you and your organization.

How to Use LinkedIn Learning

Learn how to find the best courses to take using our recommendations and search tools, explore learning paths, use transcripts and exercise files, and customize your learning experience.

 Online Courses

Written Communication

A strong writer has the power to inform, persuade, and inspire others using nothing but ideas and words. In this Challenge Series exercise, you'll do all of those things and more, as you analyze and improve an important piece of written communication. The learner plays the role of an employee charged with writing a submission essay for an award competition.

Writing Effective E-mails and Instant Messages

Email has become an indispensable communication tool for organizations, and plays a vital role in how they conduct business and maintain their operations. As a result, one of the most important communication skills to have in the workplace today is email etiquette. It can help ensure you get messages across quickly, appropriately, and concisely. In this course, you’ll learn some tried and tested guidelines for writing emails. You’ll explore the fundamental elements of written communication that every email should contain, and the importance of keeping emails concise. The course also covers the etiquette associated with using instant messaging programs as an extension of email.

Ways to Engage as an Effective Zoom Participant (Stanford)

This 2-minute video has 7 quick tips to help you be an active Zoom participant.

Avoiding New Manager Mistakes

Start your first leadership position off right. Learn how to avoid new manager mistakes, in this course adapted from the podcast How to Be Awesome at Your Job. Host Pete Mockaitis interviews the founder of Raise the Bar, Aaron Levy. Aaron is on a mission to transform the manager role—by empowering each manager with the tools, skills, and training to be leaders of people who unlock the potential of their team. Aaron explains why most managers are great at executing but bad at managing. He explains how you can reverse that trend by improving your listening skills and developing other key habits: asking powerful questions, communicating directly, establishing psychological safety, and providing constructive feedback.

New Employee Orientation (Online)

Learn about the CSU’s history and vision, Cal Poly’s Commitment to Community, your benefits as a Cal Poly employee, and more.

 Sites and Tools

Cal Poly Map

This will come in very handy when you’re navigating the more than 200 buildings on campus. We also recommend downloading the Cal Poly app to your mobile device for an interactive map.

Cal Poly Mobile App

The Cal Poly Mobile App conveniently connects you to campus information and resources. Available for Apple and Android devices, Cal Poly's app includes helpful features such as a campus map, campus safety resources, and the ability to register for fitness classes at the Cal Poly Recreation Center all right from your smartphone.

Individual Development Plan

The Individual Development Plan helps you identify strengths, set goals and develop an action plan to engage with the wide variety of learning opportunities available at Cal Poly.

New Employee Website

View all the resources available to help you kick start your experience (and those of others!) here at Cal Poly. Bookmark this page in your web browser!

Vision 2022

Vision 2022 is about continuous improvement at Cal Poly. The four guiding principles say who we are and guide us as we move forward.

Sweeteners & Discounts

Employment at Cal Poly comes with several advantages including discounted and free resources, access to campus events and various opportunities to get involved in growing and learning.


To access ebooks: Visit the Cal Poly Learning Hub. At the top right, click on the search button. On the search Drop-Down Menu select "Books and Videos." Type in the title of the book and click "Start" to begin reading!

Ultimate New Job

Covering every aspect of starting a new job or internship, this practical guide will prepare job seekers for the toughest few months of their lives, when fitting in is everything and first impressions count.

The Job-Ready Guide: How to Set yourself up for Career Success

Packed with useful features, insider advice, and tips from professionals, this highly practical, hands-on guide will help you boost your employability, covering everything you need to prepare for and start a successful career.

How to Write Effective Business English: Your Guide to Excellent Professional Communication, Third Edition

This book provides easy to apply guidance on how to express yourself in writing clearly, concisely, and confidently.

Communication Skills For Dummies

Sharing the author's top tips for successful communication in any situation, this guide is packed with advice on active listening, building rapport with people, verbal and non-verbal communication, communicating using modern technology, and lots more.