Coronavirus Information from Administration & Finance


Toolkits contain a variety of the top videos, books, articles and courses to help you become more familiar with essential topics, regardless of how much or how little time you have.


Learn how Cal Poly is mobilizing to improve accessibility. Increase your awareness, strengthen your skills, and learn how to get involved with these resources.

Career Management

Make a solid career plan and build a robust career profile.

Diversity & Inclusion

Understand how unconscious bias impacts our day-to-day work lives and how to mitigate the negative consequences.

Documenting Workflows

Techniques and tools to quickly record your procedures and create consistent, high-quality outcomes.

Effective Training

Whether you are training a colleague or presenting to a group, discover techniques to share your expertise in ways that positively impact learning.


Techniques to focus attention, enhance connectedness and reduce reactivity.

Marketing & Web Development

Create engaging websites and materials to communicate your message.

Project Management

Help your team stay organized and complete projects that meet deadlines and expectations.

Microsoft Office

Increase efficiency by rounding out your knowledge of this ubiquitous tool.

Working Remotely

Working Remotely Toolkits will provide you with information, action items, and tips you can implement today to gain confidence in your remote working capabilities.

Student Employees

Taking on a position as a student employee is a great Learn by Doing opportunity to apply new skillsets, build your professional network and establish your career.