Management Development

Whether you were recently promoted or are an experienced manager, these tools and techniques can provide ideas to improve effectiveness. The many resources available on this page offer everything from general background information to specific tools and assessments.


Toolkits contain a variety of the top videos, books, articles and courses to help you become more familiar with essential topics, regardless of how much or how little time you have.

On-Demand Learning Pathways & Bundles

Learning Pathways and Bundles offer on-demand online courses and webinars via LinkedIn Learning and Learning Hub targeting specific areas of professional development.

Tuition Assistance
Fee Waiver Program

Many employees of Cal Poly are eligible to participate in the Fee Waiver Program, which gives eligible faculty and staff employees the opportunity to attend classes at CSU campuses at greatly reduced rates.

Eligible employees who do not wish to take advantage of the Fee Waiver benefit may transfer the benefit to a spouse, domestic partner, or dependent child, in accordance with the appropriate bargaining unit contract.


Employment at Cal Poly comes with several advantages including discounted and free resources, access to campus events and various opportunities to get involved in growing and learning.