The 2018/19 Green Campus Team

Team Manager Adriana Long

Environmental Science '19

Adriana is an Environmental Earth & Soil Sciences major and is the 2018/19 Team Manager. She grew up in Escondido, California then moved to a small town in Mexico for a couple years during elementary school. Now her family lives in Chico, California, and are the ones who inspired her to harness her passion for the environment in creative ways. Now she enjoys backpacking, rock climbing, and sharing her sense of outdoor adventure with others. She wishes to spread environmental awareness and help establish a stronger connection between people and the earth throughout her lifetime.

Daniel Sandborn

Chemistry '20

Daniel is a Chemistry major and Environmental Studies minor at Cal Poly. He was born and raised in South Lake Tahoe, California, where he learned to live with and appreciate the natural world. He aims to build upon his experiences at home in the Sierra Nevada and explore the intersections of human activity and the environment from a scientific perspective in a career as an environmental research chemist. Daniel is a passionate advocate of sustainable practices in all aspects of life, and hopes to work toward a more environmentally friendly future for everybody through his work with Green Campus. Daniel enjoys a multitude of pastimes, including running, biking, alpine and Nordic skiing, hiking, and archery, all of which allow him to expand his experience of the outdoors with friends.

Marissa Miller

Environmental Management and Protection '21

Marissa is an Environmental Management and Protection major from Honolulu, Hawaii. Born and raised on an island, the ocean and natural environment has always been a huge part of her life. In her free time, she loves spending time at the beach, and she’s on the surf team here at Cal Poly. Her love and respect for nature has fostered her passion for sustainability and environmental protection, and her goal is to inspire others to feel the same way. She hopes that in the future she will be able to travel often and make an impact in communities around the world. For now, she is super stoked to be on the Green Campus team and make a positive impact here at Cal Poly.

Logan Babcock

Environmental Management and Protection '20

Logan is a third year Environmental Management and Protection Major at Cal Poly, minoring in Law and Society. She grew up in Redding CA, exploring lakes, the Trinity alps, and backpacking through all the national forests she could. She has spent her life exploring all the natural areas that California has to offer, growing a passion for preservation and rehabilitation of natural resources. At Cal Poly she has the privilege of leading a group of undergraduate students doing Climate Change Action research, and has been continually and increasingly inspired by Cal Poly’s green efforts. Logan wants to create a stronger connection between Cal Poly and the pillars of sustainability during her remaining time here, and hopes to do so with the experiences and opportunities gained through Green Campus.