The 2020/21 Green Campus Team

Team Manager Marissa Miller

Environmental Management and Protection '20

Marissa is an Environmental Management and Protection major from Honolulu, Hawaii. Born and raised on an island, the ocean and natural environment has always been a huge part of her life. In her free time, she loves spending time at the beach, and she’s on the surf team here at Cal Poly. Her love and respect for nature has fostered her passion for sustainability and environmental protection, and her goal is to inspire others to feel the same way. She hopes that in the future she will be able to travel often and make an impact in communities around the world. For now, she is super stoked to be on the Green Campus team and make a positive impact here at Cal Poly.

Owen Frazier

Environmental Management and Protection '21

Owen is an Environmental Management and Protection Major minoring in GIS from Seal Beach, California. Growing up by the beach allowed him to enjoy the amazing natural environment the ocean has to offer and inspired his passion for environmental protection and ecological preservation. These passions have only been furthered by his studies at Cal Poly and he is excited to use the knowledge he gains in school along with his position on Green Campus in order to foster more informative and widespread knowledge about environmental issues. In his free time he loves to be outdoors and to challenge himself athletically. He also has a huge desire to travel the world in order to both explore stunning natural environments and learn about different cultures that could ultimately give him a new perspective on life.

Amanda Gersoff

Environmental Management and Protection '21

Amanda is an Environmental Management and Protection major with a minor in Indigenous Studies in Natural Resources. Growing up between the coast and the mountains in Santa Barbara, California, she has always felt happiest when surrounded by nature. Her love for the environment has inspired many of her experiences some of which include working for Wilderness Youth Project, studying kelp forest ecosystems at the UCSB Marine Science Institute, and recently learning about sustainable agroforestry on a bamboo farm in Chone, Ecuador. Now she enjoys spending her days doing just about any outdoor activity, creating art, gardening, and playing musical instruments in hammocks. Particularly passionate about environmental protection, Amanda hopes to advocate for and inspire others about sustainability through Green Campus and during her lifetime.

Olivia (Olive) Robertson

Graphic Communications '22

Olive Robertson is a second year Graphic Communication major from San Diego, Ca. As the Graphic Designer for Green Campus she is an advocate for mindfulness and sustainability. Olive loves the universe; the planet, our community, and serving a purpose greater than herself. This love extends to music, art, and creativity in all aspects. Apart from Green Campus she is a DJ for Cal Poly’s radio station KCPR, writes children’s books, and does other freelance work.

Assata Golash

Forestry '23

Assata is a first-year Forestry student minoring in Ethnic Studies from Seattle, WA. She loves to sew, hike, and travel with her family. Assata comes from a family of political activists and grew up going to protests with her father. Her mother is a botanist whose understanding of the natural world has always been a fascination of Assata’s. Through this blend, she came to understand sustainability as the 3 pillars: environmental, social, and economic. Assata is passionate about moving towards a more sustainable society and hopes to start through her experience at Cal Poly with the Green Campus Team. Assata is also involved in Eco Reps, WOW, and the Black Student Union on campus.

Linnea Skinner

Environmental Engineering '22

Linnea is an Environmental Engineering student from Santa Barbara, minoring in Sustainable Environments. She is a member of Surfrider and Eco Reps and is stoked to now be a part of the Green Campus Team! She spent her childhood on her family's organic farm where she grew an appreciation for simple, sustainable living. She is passionate about preserving the natural environment and all of the beautiful species that have evolved on Earth! Linnea loves learning from nature and exploring the emerging field of biomimicry design. She is happiest when outside hiking, backpacking, surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and playing beach volleyball! Linnea is excited to see what she can do to create a more sustainable environment at Cal Poly over the next few years.

Kalea Conrad

Environmental Management and Protection '22

Kalea Conrad (she/hers) is a third-year Environmental Management and Protection major that recently declared minors in Anthropology & Geography as well as Sustainable Environments. She is passionate about preserving natural ecologic systems and conserving water and energy while mitigating waste. She is from Hermosa Beach in Southern California and feels at home anytime she can find time for the beach. Kalea is also the President of Take it SLO a capella on campus, is part of a SAFER committee to address and prevent harm in Greek Life on campus, and is an advocate for social and racial justice on the Central Coast. Kalea is excited to use her role in Green Campus to explore the interdisciplinary nature of environmental and social issues while facilitating communications about environmental stewardship between students and faculty to make this campus and the San Luis Obispo community more inclusive and sustainable.