Green Offices Program

Through the Green Office program, Eco Reps provide sustainable consultations to on-campus staff and faculty. The certification program addresses many areas including administration, energy and water conservation, recycling and waste reduction, purchasing, and transportation. Every certification starts with identifying a sustainability mentor, this mentor is the contact person within the department and helps implement changes within the department. Eco Reps will conduct the assesment, spending a few mintues collecting data from each office. Some indicators include surveying how employees travel to work, if they use reusable kitchen supplies, and if they have a recycling bin among other indicators.

Eco Reps will then meet with the sustainability mentor and make recommendations for the department based on the results of the assessment. The department will implement changes based on recommendations and a report is compiled showing the results of the assesment with the certification level. There are three levels of certification: gold, silver, and bronze. The level of certification depends on how many points a department earns.

To certify your office or building please email