Host a Zero Waste Event

Events at Cal Poly are responsible for a large portion of our consumer waste stream. Often times events require disposable products to serve food and drinks, many times these items and the food waste, can be diverted to compost or recycling bins but in many cases the infastructure and education is not set in place. It is for this reason that we have developed a step by step guide for hosting a zero waste event.

Steps to hosting a zero waste event:

  • Request a zero waste food service option from Campus Catering and off campus caterers
  • Refuse individually packaged products (chips, candy bars, sugar, butter, condiments)with your food order
  • Order zero waste bins from Facilities Management and Development by calling 805-756-5555
  • Educate yourself on what can go in compost, recycling, and trash bins
  • Ask for appropriate signage for each of your compost, recycling, and waste bins
  • If you are hosting a large event (200+ attendees) request Zero Waste Ambassador support by emailing
  • If you have zero waste questions, email