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CTLT Cirriculum Infusion

Learning Communities enable a diverse cohort of educators from across the university to dive deeply into an issue, challenge, or set of topics related to your professional careers. The time, space and resources encourage you to learn new ideas and strategies for application, promote your ongoing reflection, and provide you with opportunities to share insights – all within a community of dedicated colleagues.

Teaching Sustainability Across the Curriculum- Sustainability is a defining challenge for our age. Cal Poly has recognized its importance by developing “Sustainability Learning Objectives” necessary for all university graduates. We define sustainability as “the ability of natural and social systems to survive and thrive together to meet current and future needs.” If you are an educator who thinks more Cal Poly courses could teach sustainability principles while also interested in ideas about how to teach sustainability principles more effectively, this learning community is for you. You will also have opportunities to share your sustainability ideas with colleagues and to learn from their expertise and perhaps to enrich your scholarly productivity by connecting your disciplinary work to sustainability. To participate, please visit the CTLT website.

Stipends ($500) are available for successful completion of the learning community expectations (regular participation, delivery of culminating artifacts) as detailed in each syllabus. Eligibility for stipends is determined by university policies.

Campus As A Living Lab (CALL Grants)

The 'Campus as a Living Lab' Grant Program is a unique opportunity to partner faculty and facilities management staff in using the campus as a forum for the exploration of sustainability concepts and theories. The program aligns the California State University's long-standing commitment to sustainability with the fundamental goal of preparing students for the workforce.

The 'Campus as a Living Lab' Grant Program will provide funds for the redesign of a course that ties elements of sustainability into opportunities for learning using the campus physical plant. Funds of up to $12,000 will be awarded to support the preparation of the proposed course.Course redesigns should align with the goals of the CSU Sustainability Policy.

Students in every discipline can benefit from courses that introduce theories and concepts in sustainability and environmental responsibility, including but not limited to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) disciplines. Course redesigns that incorporate at least one high-impact practice such as for-credit internships, service-learning courses, undergraduate research opportunities, student learning communities, and first year or capstone programs, are strongly encouraged.

For additional information regarding the Campus as a Living Lab Grant Program, please email Kylee Singh at

Digital Commons

DigitalCommons@CalPoly promotes discovery, research, cross-disciplinary collaboration and instruction by collecting, preserving and providing access to scholarly work created at Cal Poly.  Enter a keyword search for a sustainability-related topic to locate research conducted by Cal Poly faculty.  The digital commons was launched in 2008 and is growing rapidly.

Moebius Sustainability Issue

Moebius is a biannual publication of the College of Liberal Arts featuring both faculty and student work.  This themed issue on sustainability was edited by Steven Marx and includes essays, articles, interviews, and poetry.

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