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In order to supply academic departments, administrative offices, campus operations and maintenance, food service, athletics, and housing, the University's purchasing department makes  a significant amount of office supplies, paper goods, computers, materials and equipment, food, and food service supplies available.  Deliveries to campus equate to an average of about 10 full tractor trailer loads per week.  Wherever possible, Cal Poly strives to purchase commodities that are environmentally friendly, energy efficient, recyclable, or made from recycled content.  All shipping pallets are reused, and all cardboard boxes are recycled. 

Environmentally Preffered Purchasing

The purpose of the environmentally preferred purchasing policy is to reduce environmental harm from materials purchased and used in the operations and maintenance of buildings. This includes office supplies such as paper, office products, computers, lamps, etc.

Office Paper

Cal Poly Distribution Services, which handles shipping, receiving, and mail delivery, offers office paper delivery to all departments on campus.  As per California Public Contract Code Section 12209, all paper purchased contains a minimum of 30% recycled content.  This program supplies over 33,000 reams of paper per year to the Cal Poly campus, and all users are asked to recycle used paper.

Energy Star

By Governor's Executive Order S-20-04, Cal Poly and all State agencies are mandated to purchase energy star rated equipment and appliances whenever possible.  Cal Poly requires Energy Star certification for all computers, monitors, printers, copiers, refrigerators, and other appliances and equipment.

Sustainable Food Services

Campus Dining offers over 20 restaurants and food venues on campus with at least one food operation open every day. Campus Dining is constantly improving its operations to function more sustainably. Driven by consumer demand, all Campus restaurants avoid using polystyrene (foam) and all of the cardboard, plastic, glass, and metal used is properly recycled. The culinary chefs are mindful about purchasing fruits, vegetables, dairy, and meat products from the Cal Poly Organic Farm and other local producers. Thousands of pounds of food material is composted and safely made into premium soil. Campus Dining operates biodiesel trucks and is constantly looking for ways to green things up!

Green Cleaning Policy

The purpose of the Green Cleaning Policy is to reduce the exposure of students, faculty and staff including maintenance personnel and contractors to potentially hazardous chemicals, biological and particulate contaminants, which can adversely impact air quality, human health, building finishes, building systems and the environment.

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