Green Campus Program

We are a group of students who work to promote energy efficiency and environmental stewardship at Cal Poly. Working with our campus partners we find creative ways to conserve energy, save Cal Poly money, and protect the environment. Each year, we implement energy and water-saving projects and get students and staff involved. Check out our projects page to see all the great things we have done and what's on the way!

PCV and Cerro Duke it Out to Reduce Waste!

Happening February 15- March 1, 2017, the Annual Conservation and Diversion Challenge (ACDC) is a waste reduction competition between the housing communities Cerro Vista and Poly Canyon Village. This competition is all about who can KNOCK OUT all of their waste from the landfill and into the recycling or compost. Over the course of the competition, the housing communities will have their dumpsters monitored daily for fullness and contamination, and the community who puts the least amount of waste in their landfill will be crowned WASTE SORTING CHAMPIONS and be rewarded with the "Golden Trash Bin". So if you live in PCV or Cerro, just remember: "Trash talk is okay, as long as you sort it first!"

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Muir Hall wins 2016 ACDC for energy and water savings!

The Annual Conservation and Diversion Challenge (ACDC) is a competition in which six freshmen residence halls- Tenaya, Fremont, Sequoia, Muir, Santa Lucia, and Trinity- compete to reduce their building's energy and water consumption over a two week period. Muir Hall, the winning Red Brick building achieved the overall highest reductions across the board by reducing electricity over 21% and water over 9%. In total all six Red Bricks saved over 55,000 gallons of water in two weeks and over 15,000 kilowatt hours of electricty, resulting in $3000 in utility funding saved from reductions.

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zero waste

The Journey to Zero Waste Continues

Cal Poly continues to work to become a Zero Waste campus, meaning eventually none of the waste produced on campus will end up in a landfill. Efforts to promote recycling and composting across campus as well as encouraging the community to reduce and reuse is a major priority for the university.

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