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Effective Training

Your co-workers benefit when you share your expertise. Effectively communicate the information they need to know in their jobs so that it has the maximum impact on learning.

Effective Training: A Toolkit for Teaching Adults

Create effective learning for adults.

Better Presenting

Pragmatic advice on presentation design, slide creation, and delivery.

Presentation Tips by Garr Reynolds

Resources to help you begin your presentation journey.


Beyond Bullet Points Blog

Cliff Atkinson wrote the book on changing the way we present with PowerPoint.

Using Slides Effectively in Communications

Nancy Duarte covers foundational presentation design principles from the book slide:ology.

Good: Infographics

Inspirational examples of the graphical display of information.

Why Bad Presentations Happen to Good Causes

Why so many presentations fail to engage, educate, or persuade.


How to Make Unforgettable Presentations

A Stanford lecturer and expert on public speaking explains how to ensure your audience remembers what they hear and see.

Improve Your Public Speaking

Learn to engage your audience using easily implementable tips.

Communication Best Practices

The best communication method in situations.


Tips and ideas to become an active listener.

Non-Verbal Communication

Our body language can make an impact.

Team Communication

Effective team communication at work.

Written Communication

Build up your writing skills.