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Frequently Asked Questions

Fall 2023 Parking Questions

General Questions

  • When do permits go on sale?

    Commuter sales information can be found here. Resident sales information can be found here.

  • How to add to a parking permit waitlist.

    Follow the directions on the document provided to add yourself to the parking permit waitlist.

  • What is License Plate Recognition(LPR)?

    Information regarding LPR can be found on the LPR main page.

    To view all available parking lots visit our lot page for more information.

  • How can I get to Cal Poly without using my car?

    Students, faculty and staff can take SLO Transit for free. They can take advantage of Cal Poly’s rideshare program, ride RTA or hop on a bike. These alternative options reduce the stress of finding parking and are better for the environment. Commuting information will help you find your way to campus.

  • Are First-Year residents allowed to bring cars to campus?

    Cal Poly first-year resident students are prohibited from bringing vehicles to campus for the entire duration of their first year (fall through spring quarters). This includes students who have enough credits to be considered sophomores. First-year resident students are not eligible to purchase any campus parking permits including daily, weekly and quarterly permits.

    For more information please visit our Residential Permit Page.

  • Is there a charge to request a refund for my permit?

    There is a $25 processing fee for permit refunds.

  • What are my commuter student parking designations?

    Commuter students may obtain long and short term parking permit.

    Use the designated parking map for reference to your parking location.

    Short Term Parking permits (Daily & Weekly):

    • Short term daily permits are available for purchase at in H1 & K1 lots. Daily and permits are only authorized in H1 & K1 lots. Daily permits are valid in all other Commuter and Staff lots after 5:00 pm.
    • The G2 lot off Slack St. and Longview is now a short term hourly designated area. Short Term parking is available with a paid limited time permit or active ParkMobile session for a maximum of 2 hours. No other commuter permit is authorized in this lot.

    Long Term Parking permits (Annual & Quarterly):

    • Grand Permit– Valid in the following commuter locations:
      • Grand Ave. Structure
      • H1
      • H12
      • H14
      • H16
      • K1
      • and outlying areas of campus.
    • Commuter Permit – Valid in the following commuter locations:
      • H12
      • H14
      • H16
      • and outlying areas of campus.