Coronavirus Information from Administration & Finance

Rideshare/Carpool Information

State’s Facial Covering Order

Please make sure that all rideshare participants you’re riding with have reviewed the State’s Facial Covering Order that can be found at: Face Covering Mandate

Face coverings must be worn while waiting for or riding on public transportation or paratransit or while in a taxi, private car service, or ride-sharing vehicle

Rideshare Program

Sharing a ride to Cal Poly? Looking for rideshare options? Contact Cal Poly’s commuter services or go to the iRideshare website

Don’t forget to log your commutes at iRideshare Register with the Cal Poly Student Network or the Cal Poly Employee Network.


Carpool spaces have been established on campus for staff and faculty use. Each designated carpool space will be available to registered carpoolers only until 10 a.m. Monday through Friday. After 10 a.m. these spaces are available to anyone displaying a valid staff parking permit. Carpools must consist of a minimum of 2 or more staff/faculty members. No less than 2 members of the carpool must be in the vehicle upon arrival at the designated carpool parking space. All members of a carpool are required to pre-register with the program.

Fall 2020 Update:

At this time carpool members should be same household/family and follow these tips for commuters to protect yourself and others:

  • Wear face coverings while in the vehicle.
  • Limit Carpool Size: Limit carpools to no more than one person per row of seats to create as much physical distance as possible in the car.
  • Reduce Exposure: Efforts should be made to ride with the same people each day and avoid “drop in” riders.
  • Limit Physical Contact: Carpoolers should not have any physical contact with one another and should maintain appropriate physical distancing when entering and exiting the vehicle. Require passengers to sit diagonally from each other.

Spaces are located in the following parking lots:

  • 2 spaces in H-4 (next to CP Corporation)
  • 2 spaces in H-4 (corner of Via Carta and North Perimeter)
  • 2 spaces in H-4 (between Bldg. 80 and Bldg. 70)
  • 2 spaces in the Parking Structure (top level on right as you enter)
  • 4 spaces on College Ave. (across from the stadium)
  • 2 spaces in C-7 (N. Perimeter and California Blvd.)

Carpool Registration

Contact for more information!