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Event Parking

Event parking is $15.00 unless otherwise specified.

Department Event Requests

Campus departments requesting services please use our Event Requests page.

Event Attendee Information

ADA Event Parking

Disabled individuals may be charged like any other person to enter a parking facility that requires a fee (i.e., a parking facility for an amusement park, sporting event, or special event). Similarly, the parking facilities at Cal Poly require a parking fee during posted hours. Disabled individuals are provided with more convenient and more accommodating parking options, in accordance with CVC section 22511.5, but may still be responsible for paying for their campus access.

The concept of "pay for parking" on campuses of The California State University is at the direction of the State Legislature and is based on the theory that parking facilities must be paid for by the user. The money collected for parking permits reimburses the state for costs of constructing and operating parking facilities.

Athletic Events

Parking Permits are required; Transportation and Parking Services staff working the event will be selling event parking permits.

Those attendees who have a designated Stampede Club Permit will be allowed to park in the Stampede Parking Lots.

Visit the Athletics web page for more information.

Performing Arts Center

For detailed information on parking at the PAC please visit: PAC SLO Website

Hosting Guests and Events on Campus

Transportation and Parking Services supports Cal Poly departments to host guests and host events on campus with services that include parking arrangements, signage for directing vehicles and people on foot to the correct campus locations.

TAPS categorize support services by guest attendance. Please follow the directions for requesting services based on the number of guests you are hosting.

Hosting 40 guests or less:
Guest Parking & Signage Request Form

Hosting 41 guests or more:
To make a request for event support, please email with your upcoming event details.

TAPS Support Services


Type Cost
Reserved parking $18.00 Per Space
Sponsored Guest parking $12.00 Per Vehicle
Day-of event parking $15.00 Per Vehicle
Pre-purchased event parking (includes Offstreet Events, ParkMobile Events) $11.50 Per Vehicle

Types of Parking and Uses

Reserved parking is best used when you want your guest to have a V.I.P. experience with a parking space dedicated for them for the day. Reserved parking includes a sign that holds the parking space for your guest on a specific date. The sign can be customized at no additional charge. A reserved parking sign is 11” by 17” and is limited to one line of 16 characters or less and one line containing the date(s)

Sponsored Guest parking can take on a few forms such as a Virtual Authorization or short or long-term Pay Station Codes.

Virtual Authorization can be used when you have 1-10 guests arriving on a specified date and you have their vehicle information (license plate number and state) available to share with TAPS in advance of their arrival.

Short-term Pay Station Codes are unique codes entered into pay stations on campus allowing guests to gain parking authorization using their vehicle license plate number after arriving on campus. This code can be used for up to 10 guests that will arrive on campus on the same date. Great uses for these codes are department hosted meetings with off-campus guests.

Long-term Pay Station Codes are unique codes entered into pay stations on campus allowing guests to gain parking authorization using their vehicle license plate number after arriving on campus. This code can be used by departments to host up to 10 guests per day without a specified date range. The code will remain valid until all the uses are claimed or the department requests a code number change.


Type Cost
Driving Directional Sign $15.00 each plus installation
Walking Sign $40.00 each plus installation
Custom Signage $35.00 set up fee
Sign Installation $25.00 fee for 1-5 signs
$50.00 fee for 6 – 10 signs
$75.00 fee for 11+ signs

Driving signs are located in the roadways to direct traffic to correct parking locations.

Walking signs are 24” by 36” signs mounted to A-frames directing pedestrians from the parking location to a destination on campus. These signs are limited to 15 characters per line with a maximum of 3 lines.

Driving and walking signs can be customized to include your event or department logo. Custom signs are charged a one time $35 set up fee.

Other Services:

Type Cost
Crowd Control Fencing $16.00 panel plus installation
Fencing Installation $105.00 fee for every 15 panel increment

Support Guidelines
TAPS prepares event materials such as signage and schedules staff at a minimum of 7 days in advance of any event. Therefore, we are asking event hosts to help us be fully prepared to host their guests or support their events. Please submit request for services a minimum of 7 business days before your guests arrive.

Late Requests
A request for support that is received within 7 business days of the start date is considered a late request. TAPS will evaluate resources and do everything we can to host your guests and support your event timely. We cannot guarantee resource availability with this short notice.

Cancellation Guidelines
Cancellations must be submitted in writing to at least 7 business days in advance of event date. Cancellation of all charges are not guaranteed in full if support services have been prepared such as signage creation or fencing installation.