Citation Fines Uses

In accordance with California Education Code Section 89701.5 monies received as parking fines and forfeitures shall be used exclusively for the development, enhancement, and operation of alternative methods of transportation programs for students and employees, for the mitigation of the impact of off‐campus student and employee parking in university communities, and for the administration of the parking fines and forfeitures programs.

Fine Uses Bar Graph for 2016/17
Citations fine use 2016/17 Amount
City Bus Contract $440,483
Mandated State Court Surcharges $185,000
Salaries and Benefits $163,985
Vanpool $115,000
Operating Expenses $75,950
Fiscal/HR/Risk Management $63,934
RTA Subsidy $35,200
Escort Van $31,500
CSU Chancellor's Office $14,000
Commuter Services $5,000
Rideshare $4,000