Visiting the Campus

Use the following form to register your campus guest or visitor. Registration Form

Visitors may utilize limited timed parking areas or parking meters throughout the various campus parking lots. 

Persons who are not staff or matriculating students and who only visit the campus on an occasional basis, not to exceed a week unless authorized by the Transportation & Parking service manager. Visitors may purchase short term permits or may be sponsored by a campus department or affiliated club. California Exempt (“E” plates) or federal government vehicles on campus for official business do not require a permit.

University Housing invites residents to have guests visit their residence halls and apartments. Guests must register with University Housing and Transportation & Parking services prior to parking on campus.

Guests of campus residents must purchase a short term resident permit and park in an assigned resident lot during the duration of their visit. Parking permit must be obtained at Transportation & Parking Services, Building 36.

Campus residents found abusing visitor parking to obtain a parking permit will be issued a notice of parking violation.

Campus Tours

For guests visiting the campus for tours the following parking area is available:

  • Parking Structure 131 located off Grand Ave. via Pacheco Way.

A Visitor or Event parking permit will be required for this area. The permit is $10.00 and can be purchased at the Visitor Information Center on Grand Ave., Parking Permit Dispensers, or Via ParkMobile.

Please give yourself ample time and arrive early for your tour.

The Parking Permit Dispenser is located on Level 1 just outside the exit. Your vehicles license plate will be required to purchase a permit. Display your permit on the driver's side dash of your vehicle.

Campus Pay Stations and Meters

For your convenience, parking pay stations have been placed in many of the lots on campus for easy access to permit payment for your visit. Meters are also available in most parking lots.