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Visiting the Campus

Guests of campus residents must purchase a short term resident permit and park in an assigned resident lot during the duration of their visit. Please contact us at or 805-756-6654 to arrange for parking as a resident guest.

Residents are not authorized to purchase short-term permits. Please refer to our resident permit page for more information.

Campus Tours

For guests visiting the campus for tours, parking is designated in Parking Structure 131 located off Grand Ave. via Pacheco Way.

A Visitor or Event parking permit is required to park in Structure 131. The permit is $10.00 and can be purchased at the pay station, or Via ParkMobile ZONE 40100.

Please give yourself ample time and arrive early for your tour.

The pay station in Parking Structure 131 is located on Level 1 just outside the exit. Your vehicle license plate will be required to purchase a permit. Electric vehicle charging stations are now available for campus visitors in Structure 131. Please view our EV page for more details about charging on campus.

Campus Pay Stations and Meters

For your convenience, pay stations have been placed in many parking areas on campus for easy access to purchase parking for your visit. Parking Meters and ParkMobile are also available in most parking lots for hourly parking.

ADA parking information

Disabled parking spaces are enforced 24/7 and a vehicle with a valid disabled placard or disabled license plate may utilize disabled parking spaces on campus along with a valid campus parking permit.

Two required items you need to use Cal Poly ADA parking spaces

ADA Permit

1. Possession of state placard or ADA plates

Cal Poly Parking Permit

2. Cal Poly ADA Parking Permit

Visitor ADA Parking

Welcome! As a visitor with a vehicle identified with an ADA license plate or placard, we welcome you to park without charge in a variety of campus parking areas, but require that you obtain a complimentary disabled parking pass on each visit before you utilize campus parking spaces. This complimentary pass can be obtained at the Transportation and Parking Services, Building 36.

In order to redeem your free visitor ADA permit, please provide:

  • Physical ADA placard (not needed if the license plate is the placard) AND
  • Drivers License AND
  • Placard Registration

Once you have obtained and properly displayed the pass, you may park in any of the following campus parking zones:

  • ADA spaces
  • Commuter
  • Staff
  • Meters
  • Limited timed zones

Parking is not authorized in state service vehicle zones (yellow), passenger loading zones (white), red zones or bicycle lanes. If you have difficulty locating parking nearby your destination, please stop by the Visitor Information Center or Transportation and Parking Services or call 805-756-6654 for assistance.

Please note, these complimentary passes are not available for campus events.


Campus parking regulations do not permit complimentary parking for university students, staff or faculty. A valid campus parking permit and a valid disabled placard or license plate is required to utilize ADA spaces on campus.

The authority to charge a fee for use of parking facilities of disabled individuals is defined in the California Education Code, section 67301; the California Vehicle Code, section 21113; and Title 5 of the California Administrative Code. The Visitor Information Center or Transportation and Parking Services can assist disabled individuals that are unable to access the parking permit pay stations.