Residential Student Parking

For on‐campus residents only

Parking for returning on-campus residents is very limited. First-year residents are prohibited from bringing vehicles.

Resident permits are limited to use in specific residential lots and are not for use in commuter student lots.

Please read the Parking Rules and Regulations prior to purchasing a permit and parking on campus to understand the limitations of the resident parking permit.

On‐campus residents are NOT allowed to purchase or use daily, weekly or quarterly commuter parking permits. Residents displaying commuter parking permits are subject to citation. Permits are non-transferrable.

Please do not make plans to bring your vehicle to campus until you have purchased a parking permit. Most surrounding streets and neighborhoods require a City parking permit as parking is also very limited in the City of San Luis Obispo.

Resident Parking Rates

Resident Permits

  • Online sales begin 8/27/2018
  • Valid ONLY in Canyon Circle Structure (R4)
Permit Type Permit Annual Rate Quarterly Rate Sale Date
Continuing/Transfer Resident Canyon Circle Structure (R4) $630 $210 (Fall Only) 8/27/2018

First-Year Resident Parking Policy

Cal Poly first-year resident students are prohibited from bringing vehicles to campus for the entire duration of their first year (fall through spring quarters). This includes students who have enough credits to be considered sophomores. First-year resident students are not eligible to purchase any campus parking permits including daily, weekly and quarterly permits.

We realize that first-year students will want to take advantage of the many activities available off-campus as part of their college experience. A number of sustainable transportation options are available for all Cal Poly students include: Zipcar, PolyRides, bike racks and bike lockers, taxi/Uber/Lyft, SLO transit (free with Cal Poly ID!), RTA bus and Amtrak bus.

First-year resident students with an extraordinary situation may apply for an exception to the above policy.

Guidelines for restricting first-year students from bringing vehicles to campus have been established at a large majority of California Universities including UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UCLA, UC Merced, UC Santa Cruz, UC San Diego, Stanford and Santa Clara University.

Interpretation and Enforcement of this Policy

We ask that students comply with the spirit of this policy by not bringing vehicles to San Luis Obispo. Cal Poly works with its neighbors to reduce traffic flow and students are expected to help Cal Poly be a good neighbor. Most surrounding streets and neighborhoods require a City parking permit that are limited to the property owner or authorized recipient who currently reside within the residential district boundaries.

Exception Process

The exception process is currently closed.