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Residential Student Parking

For on‐campus residents only

Limited residential vehicle parking permits are available for campus resident students. Residential parking permits are sold via Waitlist. Resident parking areas are the only parking areas on campus where overnight parking is permitted.

It is important and encouraged that prior to purchasing a permit and parking on campus, students review the parking rules and regulations.

On-campus residents are NOT allowed to purchase or use general parking permits. Residents displaying general parking permits are subject to citation.

Resident Parking Rates

Permit Type Resident Permit (on-campus resident student)
Annual $525.00

2016-17 Waitlist Information

Due to the growth of campus, residential student parking availability is extremely limited. Student should not bring a vehicle to campus until they have already purchased a resident parking permit. Resident parking permits are sold on a first come, first serve basis via waitlist on an academic year basis only.

2016/17 Resident Parking Areas

Location Number of resident spaces Availability as of Winter 2017
R1 Parking Lot 289 Sold Out
Village Drive Structure (R3) 900 Sold Out
Canyon Circle Structure (R4) 925 Extremely limited
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Resident Parking Information for Academic Year 2017-18

First-Time Freshman

As of academic year 2017-18 first time freshman will be restricted from bringing vehicles to campus.

There will be an exemption process for eligible student in the Summer of 2017.

Sophomore and Transfer Students

Sophomore and transfer students will have to register on the waitlist via their Cal Poly portal for a residential parking permit mid August 2017 after Housing assignments are made.

Parking Waitlist

The parking waitlist is a first-come, first-served process. Parking permit awards are made based on availability within the parking area with a definitive purchase time frame to purchase. All parking permits awarded via waitlist are sold online only.

The waitlists will be moved at a regular interval. Notification is made via parking e-mail and offered the opportunity to purchase a permit.

Steps to add to a resident waitlist

If you are eligible to add to a waitlist below are the steps to add:

  1. Login to your Cal Poly Portal
  2. Select the “Money Matters” tab
  3. Select “Online Parking Services”
  4. Select, “Cal Poly Student /Staff/Faculty Login”
  5. Select “Add/Edit Waitlists” follow the prompts, and make your selection.

You will be notified by email once you have been awarded the right to purchase your residential permit.